Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Break-Brake for Mail

I am taking a break. So, what do I do? I do mail. I brake for mail. This is last night's stash. Eighteen Christmas cards, a special non-holiday card, and a letter. I must be getting better. I did the Christmas cards while Nephew and I watched "Colombiana." The other two were done before I went to sleep.

Hope you can see the texture of this envelope. It is the opposite of the paper. It confused my LAMY, resulting in shaky handwriting. It does not take ink well. Not LAMY's anyway. It separates into tiny beads that take their own good time drying. It Hallmark's stationery. I won't buy it again.

This is a Hallmark Christmas card envelope from several holidays ago. The paper loves ink. There's no smudging, and no wait-to-dry time necessary. I ran out of Santa themed cards, so had to dig for these. Oh, what fun!

These are from Archiver's. They had so many cute embellishments. Their stamps called out to me. They are 40% off now. And that box they offered in the make-me demo! I was supposed to go back and make it today. It was free. Of course I forgot. 

I like these vintage stickers. These are raised just enough to make me wonder if they'll make it through the machine safely. I can only hope.

This is one of my favorites. The silver shows up well. The colors really pop on the envelope. KISS. Keep it simple sister!

I tried to shoot this in waning light. Today looked like winter all day long. JC and Nephew cleared away all the stalks from the garden. The birds came for dinner early. I started our own dinner early. Oh, yes, winter is upon us.

I can't find my postal scale, so naturally I turned to my kitchen. I had Nephew weigh it twice. Even offered him my glasses. All that mail felt like more than this. JC tested its heft and said "Two pounds, I'd guess." I wanted three! Thirty-three pieces of mail go out tomorrow. Nephew added a card.

Time to finish dinner. I think those potatoes have "soaked" enough. Break time is over. It's off to roast I go!

Write on.


  1. Replies
    1. LOL. I picked up KISS from an art instructor And dust it off on occasion. II so dislike using the words stupid and dummies. So it became keep it simple sister; and I never buy anything printed or made for "dummies." Do I sound testy or what? Um, anal? :)

  2. Your handwriting is beautiful. And I'm with you on the 'dummies' pubs. Really DON'T like them....insulting. Your envelopes are gorgeous. So nice that you take the time to make your mail beautiful.

    1. Hey, and thank you, Melanie. My handwriting keeps changing; I'm fortunate that it is still legible. I was writing pretty good with my left had for a long while after surgery.

      It's funny how most people buy those "for dummies" books without getting the insult. They're still on shelves so I assume they're still selling well.

      Thanks again for thinking my envelopes are gorgeous. :) You should see . . . Tell you what. Just wait and see what comes your way after this. I have never thrown away an envelope. The art that comes to me on the front AND back of an envelope should end up in the Smithsonian. I hope your mail box runs over with mail from some of the most creative people who read this.

      Remember this day, okay? And please, will you share views of your incoming bounty? :)

      Write on!