Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Brake for Viruses

I've been burning my wax at both ends a lot lately. I've been eating better. Am eating and drinking so much kefir! I even cheered JC through one respiratory infection, a bout of pneumonia, and before he was done playing with that, he brought home a viral infection. He still has laryngitis. I do not like engineers, structural designers and the like. They take their illnesses to work with them; I don't believe they use good hand-washing techniques, and we must be karma-ically connected, because I get sick pretty much each time JC begins to get better. And he always gets sick first! I know those 'neers are behind it. 

So. I have gone through three of the four boxes of those antiviral Kleenex he brought home. Signs of guilt. I've done an eight pack of Gatorade, and I am putting Carmex on my nose. I tell you, it's pitiful. I am in bed with boxes of used and unused tissues, Gatorade, a jar of Carmex, a hot water bottle, an iPad and a phone, and unsent mail.

This is the view from my window. And, yes, it's open. I cannot stand a stuffy sickroom. My body is confused since there's a hot water bottle at my back, and a ceramic heater next to a fan at the foot of my bed. My back is hot and my front is cold. The heat helps me expectorate the gunk from my lungs. 

I sound like a seal with croup, and when I cough, Spirit, the white German shepherd two fences over, hears me and he barks back. LOL. Oh, what fun. Did you know that dogs bark to keep warm when they are cold?

I mailed thirty-five pieces of mail several days ago. I finished nine either yesterday or the day before. Since I cannot in good conscience ask Nephew II to risk getting ill if he takes this lot to the mail box for me, it will have to wait. No, I won't write any more until I am deemed safe. I have miles to go before I cross the finish line. 

This was the last fun I had before the sore throat struck. Remember when we all used to draw like this? I know, I know. I gave my girl too many fingers, huh? And her legs are a tad short. But oh what fun it was, to revisit my yoot. 

Oh! Bad news and good news. Bad: Elaine is home from the hospital and on bed rest. Her mug isn't even wrapped. Our sister Dee isn't. Our mom is sick in bed. Seems like Nephew II and our brother are the only ones who are well. Good: The "Love & Happiness" contest is being extended until December 30. Internationally entries are welcome. The upcoming twelve days of Christmas are devoted to getting better, getting JC and Nephew to put up the tree, decorate the wreath, and making ready for Erin's homecoming. Wow. Someone well has to wrap the gifts to be mailed. Wouldn't it be great if people did such things for the elderly, sick, shut-in, and the gift-wrap challenged? Oh! There are such people. They're called elves!

Is there a little sickness in your life? Remember "Is there a little fairy in your life? It's from an ad for Fairy Soap. LOL. A friend gave me the little magnet . . . I'll have to show you some day. I hope you and yours are well and hale. 

See you in the mail! Don't brake for viruses. Rum 'em over!


  1. Oh boy. bad timing for a virus. Nothing to do but forget about all the things on the to-do list and R E S T! Hope you are better soon.

    1. Thanks. I seem to have a history of coming down with bugs before major holidays. Last year it was Nov. 20. I was ill this Thanksgiving, and now it's Christmas. Blogs are handy little trackers. :) I checked because someone pointed out the coincidences. Hmm.

      That means all those 'neers are psychosomatic germ spreaders, huh? ;)

  2. Oooh, I do hope you get well soon :(

    1. Thank you, Mrs. D.

      Am considering installing decontamination cell in the garage, or separating from JC from Nov. 1 - Dec. 31. :)

    2. Just go and get some of those Poles you use to tarp off a room for construction and say " you, THERE till your breathing right.. I'll be over here."

      Kim is getting sick. NOT good timing with the surgery in 5 days