Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Open Letter to a Swan

December 4, 2012

Dear Melancholy Swan,

Remember how we first met? I remember what moved me to write to you. Chicken me, I normally back away, but something in you drew me in. I promised to draw you a swan. Right? Well, since I didn't have access to a single one, and since I'd never drawn one before, I hit the research trail. It took a while but I found a book that taught me a little.

It's a big book. There are few pages. The book is part of the Amazing Animals series. I found it in the little peoples' section at Barnes & Noble. It's been worth the price since day one, but I didn't think so on the day I bought it. Sorry Valerie Booden.

I read and studded each page countless times. It's funny how I still touch pages because the images on them are so beautiful. If anyone searched, they will find my prints all over.

Swans are birds for all seasons. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth owns all the swans in her queendom? Yep. I wonder if one flies away, does she feel it? 

So. I looked. I studied. I wondered. Then I had to put up or apologize in defeat. 

Well, I set to it. I primed my pencil. I removed the tag from my model . . . And. You know the rest.

I drew you a swan. One of a limner's best. 

You wrote how much you liked it. I thanked you in return. Things went on from there. Until now. I always check in to see how you are. I always imagine you at the barre. And I think, "Dance ballerina! Dance!" 

I've checked for too long, without reassurance. Have you moved? IWordPress says your blog is no longer available. No matter. Just  the other day I sent you another swan. Not drawn. Photographed. A postcard. Hope you get it. Hope you are well. If you reply, I promise to unveil . . . Your Swan. 

Be well.

Sincerely sincere,


Dear readers. Have you heard from our Melancholy Swan? If you have, will you let me know? Thanks.

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