Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Short Stack Without Syrup

Am situated downstairs. JC is sick again; it doesn't seem like he fully recharged from the bout with pneumonia before he became ill again. Since it's viral, he didn't get antibiotics; that means he has to endure. So, I have converted the table in the family dining area to a workspace while I cook dinner. The cornbread is in the oven. The collards are done. The fish is eyeballing me with what feels like reproach. No matter. I am willing to bet that I can get this post done before the bread is. 

I did a short stack in bed last night. Went to bed early again. And slept through. Oh, joy! It was cool. Bears hibernate during winter, so why can't I? If I don't sleep well I'm as sore as a bear whose sleep has been interrupted. Not that I've ever met one. I can only imagine.

Oops! A little tipsy here. That's STEAZ in the glass. And ice. Nothing more. Yum for the gums.

Right up. Much better, huh? And that cute little quote is from one of my best friends. I should have asked for permission to use in this post but couldn't. I used it around 1 A.M. Am pretty sure she was not hovering over her mail box at that hour. The quote is on an envelope with a little funny inside, and addressed to her, so I hope she forgives. She is one of the nicest people I know. 

And, there's this! My First Christmas Card! Cute, huh? And just as different as the sender: Dodson, D., who keeps me on my toes. Thanks, D.

Now, all that cornbread needs is browning on top. Time to tackle those little fishes.

I bid you goodnight.


  1. Wow, that was quick. Mailed you 2 on Tuesday.

    2 for Tuesday.. :)

    1. Hahahaha! The one to my home came today. The Christmas card was in my P.O. Box yesterday. Those lazy mail-handlers. :D

      Thanks much.

  2. Nice post. I'd like a piece of cornbread and a letter please.

    1. Dear Pamela, I will send cornbread along with a letter ASAP. Am trying to reply to over 60 pieces of mail, but paused today to go out for holiday cards. I bought 69. Wait until you see how many I've addressed in two hours. :) only 18 of those cards are for family. I mailed 6 letters this afternoon. I have roughly 20 more to go. Perhaps I should write shorter letters?

      Please remember: good things come to those who wait.