Friday, November 2, 2012

Slipping Back Into The Groove

This is wikiHow's advice on how to form good habits. I am open to just about anything that will help me get back into the groove of letter-writing and posting. So. I am going to try their advice:

"Bad habits are easy to make, but extremely hard to end. Good habits, on the other hand, tend to take more time to make. Luckily, scientists agree that the average person needs at least 3 weeks to form a good habit."

I wonder if it works retroactively? Speaking of retro? Tom Batiuk, the creator of Winkerbean gave me permission to use his postal 'toon. I quote: "Yes, you have retroactive permission. Thanks for asking.  T.B." See? Artists are cool people. I hope y'all will follow him in the comics, and if you don't get the paper, hey, check him out online. Form another good habit along with me. 

I've already begun, by saying "Hey!". I just forgot my habit of posting in-coming and out-going mail. Thanks for being patient. I'll be back in the groove soon. Until then, here is some of what's gone ahead recently. 

There was this.

And this. There's more but I didn't scan it. This a self-portrait. I am wearing my favorite pot so no more sadness rays can leak into my brain. Stainless steel works better than aluminum. In case you wonder. 

My little piece of mail art netted me a commission. My client is a pre-schooler, who likes my berds. So she asked her grandpa to write to me and ask me if I will draw her a poster. Mary, her name is Mary, paid in advance with a five dollar bill and two singles. I love people who pay first, don't you? To me it signifies belief in my talents and abilities. I won't tell young Mary that I'd stopped drawing because I was too sad. I will simply get my butt in gear and draw the best berd possible. It'll go out on Monday, come hell or high water. Creating good habits feels good. I'm trying hard to slip back into the groove.

Write on!

P.S. Check out if you want to learn how to create good habits. Keep me posted on your progress. I will do the same.


  1. Hi Limner! You are an inspiration! If you can do it I can!I am going to take your kick in the butt and put the blues away and just write some letters... I can't get to my creativity yet, for now the letters will have to be enough! Thanks so much for sharing your courage with others who have been "dealing". Hugs!

  2. Hooray for creating good habits!

    I just love that Mary loves your berds *and* paid in advance. Thanks for sharing this story. It make me happy, because it's the little exchanges like this that make life hopeful.