Saturday, November 3, 2012

Proof of Life

If anyone needs proof of life. . . Well, what's better proof than a give-away? I went out today. In the rain. I went to one of my favorite stores, and I bought something. I had to. Well, I wanted to, just to prove to myself that I'm . . . I don't know what, but I wanted to do a give-away. So here we go:

Such a funky handle, huh?

An even funkier view!

What makes the world go round? 
Well, to quote Al Green? "Love . . .

and Happiness!

Happiness is? A little surprise inside, too.

How do you enter this give-away? It's really quite simple. Send me a postcard with "Love & Happiness" on it somewhere, by December 12, and my sister, Elaine, will randomly select the winner. It's her birth date. I'll make the announcement on the 13th. You may write it, type it, draw it, chew it, paint it, punch it in Braille . . . If you want a chance to win a cute little box, then hurry up an enter. I bought it just for you!

Write on!

Love and Happiness. Indeed.


indeed |inˈdēd|

used to introduce a further and stronger or more surprising point: the idea is attractive to many men and indeed to many women.

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