Monday, November 5, 2012

Promises to Keep

You've heard that the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions, right? Well, I reckon I trod that path today, because I did not make it to the post office.

I promised I would. I just knew that I would.

I spent hours writing and embellishing letters, notecards, and postcards. I tarted up, taped, and poured wax for seals. That upside C is quite reflective of where I was at 3:08 AM, when the lights went out. We lost power for at least forty minutes. You never know how quiet a house can be until power fails. Utter darkness falls when even the opportunity clock shuts down. I complain that too much heat and light comes from the clock, the power strips, the iPad, the MacBook, the carbon monoxide detector, the fire detector,  and above the top of the drapes from outside, my iPhone, my bedside lamp . . . Oh. The television, the remotes, the Direct Tv console, the remote controls, the printer, and the tower fan. We sure do use a lot of electricity. We took the order, "Let there be light," to heart, huh? Well, I didn't use the flash when I shot these:

But, Love counts. Love in/on letters counts a lot.

Angles are just as important as words. Slants. Uphill journeys. 

Ghostly lights brings insights. Frida Kahlo still intrigues me. Her art un-nerves me just a bit. She loved Diego. Maybe a little much? I wonder if she wrote him love letters. Did he write her love letters on walls in return? Surely love for her spoke throughout all those murals he created? Do you think he loved her even half as much. Word has it that he cheated. 

My Big Love, and my love of letters goes out beneath a little stamp. It's crammed onto pages and it's enveloped in protective coverings. Promises are words that I keep when I can.

Answer me this: Where was Moses when the lights went out? I grew up hearing adults ask that. No one ever told me where he was. Last night I knew for sure. You see, the lights went out this morning. It should learn me not to get too emotionally involved with Sandy's aftermath. I feel, I feel, I feel! This morning I kept recalling how it was here, after Ike. Well, guess what. I guess we do create the conditions we need for lessons in life. I won't lie. I was so happy when there was light, and air conditioning, and signs of life in the smoke detector and the television came back on. I was so happy, I took my butt to bed. Sleep didn't come easily. It took its sweet time and did not show up until well past dawn. That means I slept in. When I woke I was too tired to consider a drive to the post office. 

There's always tomorrow. And I have promises to keep.


P.S. Did you see the two deaths coming last night on The Walking Dead? Oooh wee, man. No way is the mama dead. The boy couldn't bring himself to do it. So he chained her up, and pretended that he did. She'll come back with teeth gnashing and smelling like roadkill. Wanna bet?


  1. Your handwriting and envelopes are stunning!

    As for light, oh my. I'm basically spoiled. I like the ability to turn off every single little flashy light in the house, have candles or moonlight. Then? I completely want to be able to turn it all right back on as soon as I'm ready. After an ice storm left us without electricity for 10 days a handful of years ago, I can't think about it too long or I feel anxious. :o :)

  2. You are very kind. Thanks very much, although my penmanship suffers to the point where I cannot always read what I write. :)

    Let there be light. When we want it. I think most American homes are too lit up. I don't need a night light for a mid-sleep wee. The light from the electronics that are meant to keep us safe do a great job of lighting my way. :) I think I sleep with my head beneath the covers so that I can enjoy a little darkness.

    Wow. Being without power for 10 days is cause for anxiety.

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