Saturday, November 10, 2012

One More Saturday Evening Post

I like foreign postage. And I have a thing for packaging. Combine the two? I get excited. It's turning me into a hoarder, but I can't help it. I have to keep it. 

Remember me pointing you to Corey's blog, Tongue in Cheek? Well, I ordered something from Corey. It arrived safe and sound. No, I'm not telling what I bought, 'cause it's a Christmas gift for someone. How could I not share this unique bit of postage with you though? I used to test paper planes. I like these. Anyone else like the idea of making paper fly? Did you know there's a book about paper planes? I almost bought it, but felt too silly. There's a kit as well. 

My order from the European Paper Company came on the same day. I do like their label. The lines are clean, bold, and simple. At first I didn't get the big "European" whoop. They're located in Boulder. Remember Mork and Mindy? Robin Williams was on Letterman last night. He will forever be Mork. I loved Boulder. It was a favorite place to hang out on weekends with Erin, my best friend Tammy P., or alone. Tammy introduced me to Boulder. We met in art school. She took me to see Mork and Mindy's house. I've never been into touristy things, but that house was beautiful. I wonder if it's still there? Does anyone know? Um, care to share what you've bought from The EPC? 

Oh. Okay. The European Paper Company is in Boulder, Colorado. I bought a couple-four gifts from them in this order. They begged me to buy them. The items, not the company. Hey, Cole! No, I won't show these either, but they shoot my imagination to the moon. Someone is going to receive some of the best gifts I can ever hope to give. I'm so excited!. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my room. (Every woman needs a room of her own, indeed.)

Good mail and good books go hand in hand. I saved this day's mail for the patio. I finished The Casual Vacancy last night. Have you read it? Are you reading it? What do books and mail have in common tonight? Well, do you have a favorite place to read your mail? Aside from the patio, I like to read in the post office parking lot--once in a while. Sometimes I can't help myself. Then there's the breakfast table with a pot of tea. Or I read it in my room, with tea . . .

Like tonight. My favorite basket makes the best tray. See that hot water bottle beneath my book? Pain is the dominant noun this day. The lovelies on this tray give comfort and joy. The hot water bottle starts out at the base of my skull; then is slowly repositioned down to my lower back, until I find relief or the bottle grows cold. Hot tea. Hot healing. A little biscotti. An amazing book . . .

And, after awhile, I pick up a pad and pen. Habit. A good habit. I started this letter. Twice. SMH.

This part is funny. Pathetic, really. I wrote this in response to a letter I received a while back. Guess what. I answered it ages ago. It sounded familiar. Familiarity. Such a good clue. You think I'm not mailing it? Ha! Don't lose by betting against me. I have no shame when it comes to letter-writing. Ignore the double "air mail." Another reason to SMH.

Aha! Mail is ready for Monday. Blank space on envelopes make me a little anxious. Artists seldom leave a canvas blank. Hooray for mail artists!

Flip sides deserve fun too!

So. It takes me a little longer to write a letter these days. No matter. Steady is the best pace. I like slow Saturdays. There's a cold front on its way. That means tomorrow will be another day, to Write On

See you in the mail.

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