Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh, I've Got Paper! Lots & Lots of Paper!

After my 1:00 appointment yesterday, I swung by my favorite art store, Texas Art Supply. Every time I go there I walk the aisles like I own the place. If something is out of place, I put it back. If something needs a little straightening, I straighten it. I enjoy looking.

In Denver it was Meininger Art Supply. I spent hours there, looking and wishing and hoping and imaginating. I spent a lot of money there too. Guiry's was second. Here, Texas Art Supply is the only such store that I know of. How sad. There should be more, but . . . Texas is not famous for its artists and authors and mail artists. I hope someone proves me wrong.

I bought writing paper! Am grinning so hard. Is a good thing we're not connected on FaceTime, or I'd scare the BeBeezus out of you. I bought a pad for $9. The surface is smooth and it loves ink. My LAMY fairly skated across the surface when I wrote last night. I wrote three pages before I knew it. I have a feeling it will take COPIC markers like a floor takes wax. I'll test my theory tonight.

I threw in a new bag for my mail art must-haves. Like my rubber cement picker upper. I've bought at least one gross over the last year or two, yet can never find one when I need it. I'll keep my red and white LAMYS in this bag. A pair of my favorite scissors, my thread counter . . .

(Do you reckon these all say "Open Here?")

. . . at least one box of ink cartridges, 

. . . and respect for my darling planet Earth. 

Hmm. My darling? Oh! I forgot to take a photo of the envelopes I bought. They're silly little things but they suited my mood, so I had to get them. I have had a string of lovely days recently. I celebrated with a visit to the one place in Houston where I can rub elbows with artists. They are some of the rudest, most impolite, self-centered. . . At least the ones I meet there seem to be. Or maybe they're insecure, starving, are single focused . . . And thieves. Lordy, mercy me. I never imagined artists to be shoplifters. But they are. Well, some of them are. The ladies who work there educated me on the issue. I always wondered why they followed me up and down every aisle, so one day I asked why. 

I cannot imagine ever stealing a tube of paint, a brush, turpentine, or anything else. If I needed something and had empty pockets, I would ask first. I'd get the samples of paint offered by diy places, like Home Depot, and use those before I would risk jail. But, then again, I have never known such desperation that's strong enough to highjack me and push me to resort to theft. And, if I were ever too poor to afford stationery, I would write to you with a stick, in wet sand. Then I would take a picture of my words. I would upload them to my MacBook, and print them. I think I might just try that! LOL. It would have to be a notecard though, 'cause a letter would require lots and lots of photos. 

Sheesh. I reckon I could go to Galveston and write it on the beach. Now that's an idea. 

Write on.


  1. I have the same bag! And lots of people who enjoy Postcrossing have it too... We managed to buy the whole stock of that bag at a small shop on a PC-meeting.

    1. Wow! The entire stock. :) it is one of my favorites. I have a smaller version in red with a nod to the US. Thanks for commenting.

  2. That Triomphe pad looks strangely familiar.. Hmmmm. And yes it will take your markers Very well. Try dumping some FP ink on it and sit. the bleed through on that paper is AMAZING. There basically is none.

    1. Hey! LOL. I bought a larger pad because I remembered how much I liked the pad you so generously donated to my pitiful efforts. It was the only stationery they offered in pad form, so I took it as a sign to buy.

      Will take your word for it about the magic it works. My pen loves it, so surely the markers will too. Will look for envelopes after dinner. Thanks, Dodson, D.!

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