Monday, November 26, 2012

Nine Bites

Mail went out today. Eight letters. 

And one postcard. 

Trumpeting triumph, I am! And I'm eating with my fingers. Yum!
I do believe that I have found my stride. Well, I thought I'd found it, until I realized the mistakes I'd made. Leonie, I am so sorry. I know you will forgive me though. I just believe you will, after you read both letters because you are kind. 

Kathleen, I know you'll laugh and forgive. I feel like that fish. LOL. I like this card. Do you remember it? Mail is aimed your way. 

Did y'all take advantage Cyber Monday? If you did, did you find any great bargains? 

I like this card. Power failure. Moses and I are in the dark again. Pay close attention to this card though. I've had it since . . . I can't see the postmark, but I want to share this before I sign off to find my flash light.

Lights out.


  1. My hubby ordered a new TV last night. I didn't even know it was cyber Monday until he mentioned it and said he found a great deal. I said, "did you order it?" And he said, "I wanted to run it past you first". I said, "you don't need to run anything past me, you should have ordered it!" So he did! Before midnight. Yay!! We have a very, very old TV that has a constant hummmmmmm sound and I know the picture will be so good on the new one that I'll want to quit my job and stay home to watch movies. Sigh.

    1. LOL. First there's a new Lazy Boy. Now a tv? You have the perfect ingredients for l-a-z-y. -cough- :) But just think of all the movie weekends in your future. :)

      I didn't buy anything on Thursday, on Black Friday, or Cyber Monday. I was peeved by all the spam though. Had to sit on my hands twice 'cause I came close to giving in. It's nice how the mister waited to discuss the purchase with you first. He is such a keeper. LOL. Congrats on your new telly.

      Thanks for responding. Now am wondering who put up Christmas decorations on Thursday. Am I a voyeur?