Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor . . .

. . . being as sick as a parrot, can subdue my joy! Being as sick as a parrot is worse than being as sick as a dog, so I'm going with the parrot. It's a long whiny story so I'll simply say this: It started late Thursday, but it jumped me three days ago and it's holding me hostage. No matter. So what?

JC is home, with hot and sour soup. He bought TWO containers for me this time. It has enough red pepper flakes to roust any and all germs, and phlegm. I've lived on soup and Gatorade the last two days. I sleep round the clock until the phone wakes me at 4 or 5 P.M.; then it's time to wee, make a new hot water bottle, and slurp hot-sour-salty-soup. Not tonight though. JC fetched the mail. I've got mail! I don't remember the last time I've been out to fetch it. Hmm. Never mind. It's good mail. There's an offer for a calendar from Unity; I have yet another offer for a credit card from CITI (rhymes with?), a lovely holiday catalog from Levenger, and guess what. Yep, you guessed it!

Ta-da! Hoorah! I jumped through major hoops to get these. So, I doubled my order. Thanks for making me determined to get the Earthscapes. The "Natural" images are my favorite. Nothing beats Mom Nature. Not sure which one will grace an envelope first though. Perhaps I'll close my eyes, pretending I'm blind, and feel my way to the box of stamps I bought last week. I'll savor my new acquisitions a little while longer. If you were to write to me, which EARTHSCAPES stamp would you choose? Be the first to use on for little ole me, and I promise you a surprise in return. A BIG surprise. And don't forget the give-away. I look at that gem every day and wonder why I didn't buy two. Do you wonder too? Well, I didn't 'cause I got this one instead. Besides, they had just the one of the other. 

Anna inspired this choice. I thought I'd keep my tea set inside. She gave me the . . . Oops! I'm saving it for a special post. But, I choose to keep my Anna Mail inside.  

P.S. Did you know the USPS does not offer refunds? Yes. "refunds are not available. Orders may be returned for exchange." It says so on the invoice. That's the post office for you. They overcharged me on postage as well. A whopping buck and a quarter for an envelope that requires a 45¢ stamp. SMH.


  1. Watch your mail O Limner! And yeah, USPS raised the shipping & handling charge awhile back - bummer! Get well sooooon!!! *hugs*

  2. I think my favorite of the stamps, based solely on visuals, is actually the irrigation one that looks like modern polka dot art. :D

    Hope you feel better super-soon. I'm glad you're being nurtured. :)

    1. There isn't one that I dislike. LOL. that's why I bought doubles. I like the dots but for the life of me I cannot figure out the rhyme or reason behind its workings. Plus, irrigation often irks me. I see water being diverted needlessly, or because greedy farmers . . . See how my mind works? Now I really must be off to Google how that irrigation image works. :)

      Thanks. I did a really foolish thing that made me sick, but I seem to get the most sleep and rest when I am ill. And bed head that makes me laugh hard enough to cough when I catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror.

      So, be good to yourself when you are well. It matters. :)

  3. I just saw those Earthscape stamps on usps.com. I debated on ordering some.... still on the fence, but they are really nice looking!

    1. Hey Lucas,

      I hope you will stop straddling the fence and buy them. They are different .; so not typical. I finally used one less than 15 minutes ago. :) there is a specific reason why I chose it. Am sure the recipient will get it. It's like Anna sending me a firebird tea set. :D

      I finally caved. am typing and printing letters this week. My eyes are blurry, my hand shakes and I tend to drift into the Land of Nod, not unlike Homer Simpson. I drool just like him. So, no news is dry news. :)

      Let me know if you weaken and give in. ;)