Monday, November 12, 2012

Martha Rocks Writing

Writing Gear. Hmm. I've never used the word gear with writing. It doesn't seem to fit, yet my desktop dictionary offers this definition:

gear |gi(ə)rnoun (informal equipment that is used for a particular purpose.
Well blow me over and call me knocked sideways. I learn something new every day. Those are some smart people working for Martha. Have you read the November issue of Martha Stewart Living? I was a subscriber once. I got over it real fast. Now I buy the issues that appeal to me. This one does. I'd like to have one of those special cast iron skillets shaped like Texas, but my cornbread won't taste any better just 'cause I baked it in a fancy skillet. So I saved myself a pretty penny by not ordering one. I can use the money I saved, to buy a new fountain pen. Besides, I might be as disappointed as I was with her sorry markers. Half of them dried up half way through a drawing. The other half didn't work at all or bled like I do when I am around sharp objects. But this is about the dinky article with the gorgeous photos. 

The too-short piece is about Bernard Maisner, a "collector of antique writing paraphernalia." He shares a peek of several beautiful pieces. Those inkwells are envy worthy. I prefer the three near the bottom. Which one would you like? Am curious. I just want to know who has such good taste as I think I have. 

Mr. Maisner's favorite wax seal is the one made from clasped hands. I like the others (not shown. You have to buy the magazine and read the full piece.) but I agree with his choice. Don't you just feel you've added a little something special--a piece of yourself maybe--when you add a wax seal to your mail? Well, Mr. M explains what writers truly did when they affixed a seal to a document or to seal a gift. Back in the day everyone had their own personal seal. And here I am feeling special if I can add a C for Cade, a heart, an L for Limner, or . . . I bought a cute little seal last month! I've used it only once, but it's a sweet little thing. I'll show you some other time. I hope you'll check out the nod to letter penners, wax sealers, nib users, and collectors, from Martha's people. She outdid herself, in MHO, 'cause Martha Rocked Writing. Okay, her staff did, but still.

Before I sign off I want to ask this. Seriously. Who collects nibs and the like? Don't get me wrong. I collect books like you won't believe. I have more fountain pens than I can use if I wrote with a different one every day for maybe a week and a half, but why collect like Mr. Maisner? He said he'll buy 500 special nibs at a time, if he likes them. I have tend to see my special and first editions as dust collectors now. I know. I know. It's kinda sad, but it's true. Do you spend a lot of time cataloguing, cleaning and protecting your collections? Why do we collect??? Seriously. And what do you collect, if it has to do with letter-writing? You show me your, and I'll show you mine. 


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon!! My husband and son were both sick for the better part of a month, but miraculously I dodged the bullet for a change... maybe it is all that new health I have been cultivating by eating raw/vegan :) I hope the hot'n sour soup brightens your day and cauterizes your throat. Get well soon! Hugs! Elle

    1. Bless your heart, Elle. I am sorry to know illness has visited your home, but am happy that you were spared. Being ill for a month is hard. I've been spreading myself too thin lately. My mom needs so much help. I'm burnt out. I haven't been taking care of myself as I should. I have work that has deadlines. My home needs a cleaning woman. Two new recent diagnoses, and I went down for the count. Stopping here. Hope you won't mind a typed letter, 'cause one is coming your way.

  2. Oops! I left the message on the wrong post...sorry.