Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Little Bites Add Up

Thanksgiving is breathing down my neck. No. That's just the television, 'cause I am thankful every day. I just don't add cranberry relish with my "Amen." I think I decided that JC and I might not be carving that red snapper this year. I am so tired I have to sit down every time I think of making dressing and all that other stuff. I asked Erin, "What are you making for T-giving?" This is what she said," Reservations." Dang it! I fall into that hole every year.

She doesn't come home for Thanksgiving any more. She comes to us for Christmas. We have learned not to complain. We're just grateful instead. But guess what. When she asks me what I'm making this year? You know my answer?

Haha! Y'all are so easy. No, I won't say "reservations," I'm going to say "I'm not making anything. I'll be eating elephant." I wrote six letters in a day and a half. Was too tired to drive to the post office today, but there's always tomorrow.

Uh, oh. JC just sent a text, volunteering to do the seafood shopping. Said tomorrow is going to be a hectic day to be in a store. Ha! Like I was born day before yesterday. He assumes much.  Does he ever cook a holiday meal? Is javelina pork? Oh, okay. But it doesn't mean that he does.

This was a fun bite. I'd send a copy to everyone if I could. I shot this on a hot day. Was basking in the sun and looked down. The empty gallon jar was filled with light. It was one of the most awesome things I've seen. Light just poured into it! Weeks later I had to make postcards. You have to know the "delight" part came too late, so I bought a white pen from Archiver's and here you have it. Getting mail is delightful. So is sending. BTW, light isn't the only thing to fill Erin's jar. I'll show you the other occupant on another day. My elephant calls.

The back-of-the-jar-front is the last one on the right. Sorry it's so small and blurry, but discretion matters. (Five bites! Six in all.)

A bit of a shuffle and Bobbie's your aunt. 

There's more. Something bigger. Hopefully the recipient will share. If I offered up a tiny tease, you'd know. Besides, there's this:

This, my friends, is the postage from Anna's "Sunshine" postcard. Thanks for sending me back to the back dear Anna. I thought the horseman was a royal. The Union Jack vied for, and received the lion's share of attention, but I recalled seeing some of the SOHO images from Discovery or Nat' Geo. Did you know that SOHO is the acronym for Solar and Heliospheric Observatory? You should see some of those images! Sometimes I wish . . . Nah. I was born to draw and create and wonder and read and be impressed with what others do. And read and write to some of the best pen friends on the planet.

See what personal photos cum notecards can morph into? Aha! A somewhat better photo of Susan's work. The only outsider to hang in my personal gallery. They're on a bedroom wall for now. I'll get JC to rehang them in the gallery this weekend. I will take a natural light shot when he does.

Guliana, I couldn't participate in your project, but i do like your creation, "Dreaming." Thank you. It's lovely. I wish I could afford to mat, frame and hang the lovely work y'all send. There might be a way, someday.

This is about as subtle as an elephant wearing a striped vest, but I didn't fully get it until last night. Thanks, Anna2. I hope you get that mail I re-sent. Talk about playing tag. LOL.

Oops! I forgot. Sorry Anna1.

I captioned this "Over the river and across the bridge, to the Queen's Jubilee we go." The world doesn't seem quite so large and disconnected when I look at this. I wish we had such a bridge in my neighborhood. We don't even have a park.

The money shot. Anna could call this "The Queen and I," or "Anna and the Queen." This could not happen in America. Thanks for making me "imaginate." Your queen is almost invisible to people like me. I can always find Waldo but was never good at seeing when I look too hard. LOL. JC saw her before I did. I kept asking "Where? Where?" He kept answering, "Here. Here!" They should have made out like crazy for a few frames, then scooted back to their respectable corners, huh? The queen could have given the photogs a little leg, lace, and garters. The consort could have wiped away her lipstick with a wink and a handkerchief, yes? LOL. Thank you, Anna! I had so much fun imaginating that. 


  1. i have been writing postcards for years. i love this blog!

    1. You are in good company. Visit some of the postcard links and feel "write" at home. There are blogs devoted specifically to postcards, but letters are great also. ;) Thanks for checking us out. Now may I send Aunt Ruth a get-well card? LOL!

      Be well.