Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scrabble Mail

JC's dentist seems like a fun guy. Or, maybe he has fun marketing sense, because he combined three of my favorite things: Scrabble, mail, and clever advertising.  It came several few weeks ago. I put it on top of the day's mail for JC to pick up on his way upstairs. He took everything but the postcard. So, the Scrabble postcard became mine by default. 

Had I designed this beautiful example of K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sister) advertising, I would have gone with "SEE DENTIST SOON."  I'd have gotten a double letter score, and earned only nine points; plus, it would make more sense. Think about it, in case I'm wrong. Or wait! I could get a higher score with "SEE DENTIST TODAY DUDE," for an even bigger score with six additional  points, although I don't know how much U is worth. How about you? Do you see something I missed?

I know you didn't see this coming, what with the sugar rush throes you're caught up in, but I just had a thought. What is it? Just wait. It's coming soon, to a mail box just for you.

Be well. I hope you had a Happy Halloween


  1. I like it too and think it's very clever. I haven't played scrabble in years so I haven't a clue as to how many points the letters are worth. I'm thinking about sending you some mail. Is that okay with you?

    1. Hey. I still play, and I enjoy playing "Words with Friends." My girl sent me a lovely Scrabble tile gift. Will have to show it off soon. :)

      I'd enjoy hearing from you, but only if you can forgive me if it takes a while for me to reply. I am six months behind with mail since my sister died. I'm slow but promise to answer every piece of mail I receive. Thanks for visiting "Oh, Write Me!" Thanks for commenting too. I like your name. Is it pronounced like "Jerrie?"

  2. We had lots of fun last night handing out diabetes to the neighborhood.

    Kaylee REALLY had fun.

  3. LOL. Was there a full moon last night?

    Glad Kaylee had more fun than her parents. :) I forgot it was Halloween. No one rang our doorbell because the porch light was off.