Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Antique French Letters Give-away

I should be asleep but pain keeps me awake tonight. When I can't sleep, I read. I catch up on the blogs I follow. Corey over at Tongue In Cheek is hosting a give-away. For details give her a visit. And good luck!

I stocked up on stationery. Inspiration. Motivation.

I even bought new stamps. Am not a baseball fan, but hey, Dodson, D. is a fan, so . . .

Mail did go out. Only a little, but it counts. I was so happy to see all the lovely letters waiting for me. I hadn't checked in a long while. I swear, those letters seemed to fill my box! It looked stuffed, without counting the lone piece of junk mail. Thanks for writing to me although I haven't been able to write back. Thanks for not giving up on me. Thanks for helping me. Some of you know how deep this valley is; you know there is no one way out. There is no one-size-fits-all map to healing. Writing about loss is never easy, but knowing someone understands because they have been there . . . is like balm to a soul. I wish every one of y'all could win one of Corey's letters. Again . . . Good luck!

Sincerely sincere,


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