Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Art of Thank You

Sitting here waiting for the storm to pass as the Channel 2 news readers smile too hard, it feels too hard not to tell Dominique Sachse--again--that she dresses like she's at a cocktail party. Less is more when you're as beautiful as she is, but apparently she doesn't know it. She's like Pam, on "True Blood." Pam had too much lip collagen. Am willing to bet a real girlfriend told her, too, and she listened. This season her lips are closer to normal. Less is more.

Less is more, true, but not in this instance. "Sprint customers get a handwritten thank-you note," is the story that made me sit up. Sprint's CEO 's wife must be a letter/note writer, hence this: Dan Hesse thinks a more personal touch is in order. So the wireless carrier is pushing an initiative in which employees send handwritten thank-you notes to customers. Imagine that! (Oops. The idea came from an employee. Bet they write notes and letters.)

Here's more: To date the company says more than 470,000 handwritten notes have been sent out, some from Hesse himself. I had to sit up and take notice once I Googled for details. So impressed, I ran for my MacBook and here I am. Something to write about. Finally. Oh, happy me. Makes me wonder if the employees at Sprint are all that happy about it since they have to write at least five notes on Sprint's "Thank You Thursdays." Hope none of them pay others to write for them. LOL. The idea makes me laugh, but nothing taints the knowledge that someone, and a man at that, is giving thank-you notes their time in the spotlight. The company is engaging their customers by giving them a 25% discount if they bring in their note at the end of the year. Now that's a smart promotion.

I can only hope ToysRUs, Gameboy, PS, Apple, stationers, and a host of other like-minded companies will get on board and follow suit. Maybe younger consumers will be inspired to write notes of thanks to artists, creators, designers, parents, each other . . . The world can use more personal touches. What do you think? Please, read the entire article. I promise it will make you so proud to be a fellow writer of letters, notes, and posts.

Be well, and write on.

This Limner


  1. Could it really be true???? I'm gonna go Google it right now!

    Sooooooo happy you're back!

  2. I promise it is true. Such a great story grabbed my attention. Gave me something to write about, smile about, and share.

    Thank you. :)