Sunday, April 15, 2012

Speaking of Walter

A colored Walter Pigeon. Couldn't decide on a single color 'cause my pigeons are three colors. Too bad this trial makes Walter look like he's turning blue in the face from oxygen deprivation, huh? And the toast makes him a little . . . Boring?

See what I mean? These aren't easy to match. Neither are the other two. I suppose I could come up with my own species. And those feet. Oh, the feet. Gotta do the feet justice.


Stained glass birds. Pretty awesome, eh? Thanks Emilie, aka Winnie's Girl. "Parakeets and Goldfish Bowl" by Tiffany. Dear Emilie, your validation heals old deep wounds. I am much obliged. 

Aha! This! This is the bird house I want if I can afford it. Pete, Suddenly Susan's friend, makes these beautiful creations from cork. It is 20" tall and took 180 - 190 halved corks to make. Look at the lovely base and perch. My birds would love one. Would yours?

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