Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Limner PSA

PSA = Personal Service Announcement:

Cyrus gave up bird baths as his drinking source once his free glass straw came in the mail.

Glass Dharma is giving away 1000 FREE glass straws in honor of Earth Day. If the link doesn't work Google "Glass Dharma." Glass is better than plastic or paper.  

Write on, and pass it along!


P.S. Misty has a giveaway, too: Refills cut down on landfills. Write on and pass it along.


Aside: Have you tried this paper? How do you rate it? Is it worth the price?


  1. Hi Bobbie...

    Thanks for the cute cartoon. I'm loving your bird drawings. On a quick side note, the link to Glass Dharma isn't working. It is picking up the period at the end of your sentence, I think. Got your "piddling" article today. Still smiling.

    1. Hey! Hey Patty! *hugs* Thanks for the heads up. Hope the link works now. :)

      Oh, glad I am! Am happy to hear you are amused by my berds. I get to "act out" through my little cartoons.

      The fine art of piddling is alive and well. :) We might piddle some day.