Saturday, April 14, 2012

An Early Saturday Evening Post

I almost posted this yesterday. Was just that excited. 

Read it. Laughed so hard, so out-loud, so belly-shakingly uninhibited, the cats ran for cover. See the Caldecott Award symbol? Okay, see the image of the Caldecott Award symbol? Wonder if the judges laughed half as hard before selecting it? No matter. 

If you have a child/children, love a child/children or still read books for children, then you owe it to them/yourself to buy this book. Yes, there's some letter-writing in it. There are several letters involved in the story. The ending is a hoot-toot. Buy the book and share it. Pass it on. Buy several copies. 

Then, if you love kids, if you love amazing stories, if you love yourself,  use this link and watch. It's okay to laugh and cry. No one will accuse you of having a Prozac moment meltdown.


  1. Love that book; it's beloved part of our library!

  2. I'm going to buy a second copy. I understand how it can be rated as beloved. :)

  3. My kids LOVE that book. It's the best ever.

  4. Then I am in good company, and we all have great taste in books. :) A kid's seal of approval is as good a 5 star rating.

  5. oh yeah - looooove that book. and have watched caine's arcade twice (so far) and cried both times. awesome stuff.

  6. Well dang. Everyone knew about the book ages ago. Why am I the only one left out of the loop? Oh. Never mind. Can answer that. I stopped going to the children's section in B&N 'cause I felt it looked strange. But I check the NYT's children's book reviews . . . *sigh* Guess I need to buy/rent some little'uns? Erin, are you listening???

    Isn't that the sweetest story of the decade? His faith just blows me away. And his inventiveness! He might need tutoring, but he's smarter than a lot of adults. :) Glad you enjoyed.