Friday, April 13, 2012

Early Berds Are Carrier Pigeons

If you believe in anything, please, go here. Watch the video. Then cry like me. Proof positive that there is hope for America.

Another reason I am behind in answering mail. Can you believe I'm answering from February's stockpile? Along with March and April's? Well, 'tis true. But I'm not blue. I finally have something to say, so expect a letter to come your way . . . Sooner than you might think. Even later is good though.

See? I need a letter carrier of my own. What could be better than a carrier pigeon, huh? So, between jobs on two boards, I am working on Walter Pigeon, Limner's Mail Carrier Pigeon. At this stage I need to find him a plane with a propeller, some flaps for his leather helmet, a few honest-to-goodness-airman medals, a mail bag, and some seed for his mascot. I'll build him a coop next month. Wait until you see the chick he'll have on the side of his plane. Talk about pigeon breasted! Ah! the berd has legs that go on and on! BTW, every pun is deliberate. He!

Since I don't know much about old planes and props, I'll stop by Hobby Lobby and check out a few air plane model kits. But, I gotta go. Have a doctor's appointment at 4:30. It takes me a bit of a while to scrub off all the marker marks, so, byeeee!


  1. Walter rocks. can't wait to watch him unfold.

  2. This is me grinning ---> :D Thanks ma'am. I think he does, too. You will be the first one to get Walter mail. (If CRS doesn't take over my memory cells.) Ah! A note to myself POSTED on my new cork board should be the remedy. :)

  3. Your bird rocks it!!

    New cork board? Must see!

  4. Thanks ma'am. :) The ones I feed every day are my inspirations. LOL.

    Yes! Am adding the hardware tomorrow. Official hanging will follow. It's lovely, if I do say so. :)

    Thank you so much. Got mail from Pete. Have you seen his bird houses? I want one!!!