Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chocolate Milk, Davia & Pete

Davia's amazing egg and rabbit finger painting have the honor of being the first piece to grace my new cork board. I almost bought finger paints today 'cause they were on sale at Aaron Bros. Remember how much fun finger painting was when you were a kid?

The back is one of my favorite parts. I wish you could see this up close and personal. The colors are rich and vibrant. I like the way they sort of support each other. Then the things I see that are separate yet part of the whole make me smile. It's as much fun as finding animals in clouds. 

And then there is her thank-you. Davia named her pony. 

Remember this little guy? This is Chocolate Milk. I might get one and name it Chocolate Chip. Thank you, dear Davia. I am happy that you are a part of my Girlfriends' Club.

Thanks to Susan's friend, Pete, I have a fresh cork board. It will take a day or two to dry, so I cannot hang it tonight. I do have photos though. You know I cannot wait any longer to show off my masterpiece. So . . .

The last row is super cute. I made a little ledge for idle push pins. The most difficult part of making this? Deciding which frame to buy, and waiting for it to be marked down 40%! Dear Pete made it all so easy. He cut the corks in half. It took 198 halves to fill in the space of a 16 x 20 frame. Am so looking forward to the day it's dry and I can hang it. Thank you again Davia, Susan, and Pete.


  1. fantastic cork board - the little ledge is a stroke of genious. plus I've been to the chateau ste michelle winery. I went to a wedding there so long ago it feels like a past life. but your cork board brought back the memory of a lovely day. I have bags of corks from cheap trader joe's wine, which is not nearly as classy, but I might have to do this anyway because it's so cool.

  2. Thank you! :) I had so much fun making it. It's a small world, huh? Makes me happy knowing a post from OWM evoked something worth remembering. :) I think I make most readers groan. Ahaha.

    Hope you will make one. Surely that's why you "unconsciously" saved all those corks? ;) You'll show me after it's done, right? :)

    I heard Pete makes bird houses from corks. How about that? I'll buy one if they're affordable.

    BTW, I used bookbinder's glue, so they're on tight. Will attach the hook tomorrow and get 'er hung.