Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bragging Rights or Inners Winners

I know some of you remember me writing about my nephew who has done way too many tours for my health, so am happy to say he  loves being back from Afghanistan, and being with his family. This is Yanni and her dad. The girl knows how to ride. I loved riding behind my brother when he had a bike. He would take me to work at the Medical Center, let me off at the front door, and people were always surprised when I took off my helmet. Hehe.

I am not the only one who likes berds. Had to share this one.

Couldn't post Yanni without posting Alyssa.


Taking a break from the drawing board. What better way to relax than with mail. A few inners . . . Hadn't checked for mail in a few days, so my box was healthy. Thank you.

What's not to like about this? The stamp means I get another history lesson. Thanks Kimi. Beautiful stamp. My friend Stas is Polish and he taught me all about decorating lovelier eggs. I learned recently about decorating eggs with feathers and wax. Your egg is a lovely reminder.

Ah! Look at all the flamingos. Remember Sonny Crockett and Tubbs. Miami Vice! That''s it. Remember all the flamingoes? Didn't matter how many times I watched that intro, I never failed to jump up and do a flapping dance every single time. Thanks LBK. Am liking that bird. I love birds.

Doesn't this say spring? Such lovely pastel colors, and a Love stamp. Yep. I got mail! Thanks Susan.

This. This is a marvelous thing. It also bears Angela's caption entry. Haha! You can't see it. Thank you, Angela.

This is from Patty. It's not from today but I had to finally scan it. At the bottom it says "Occupy Winter." How original and funny. See? I keep everything. Thanks Patty.

Suche awesome stamps, huh? Thank you, dear Anna. I remember Dandy. Joe Dandy? I recall him from comic books. LOL. Beano is new but the face looks familiar. Hmm. The Eagle is new to me, too, so it has to be a UK comic. And there's the Liz. Suche a lovely young woman, she was. I imagine she's had the back of her head licked more often than any other person. My fingers type "suche" automatically, despite my spell checker defying me. 

Aren't there some things you just like because you like them? It's how I feel about this inside-out envelope. Patty, you rock.

This might be a re-post. I like cardinals/red birds so much. They fed at our old house all the time. Have never seen one here. Thank you, Wolfey.

Hahaha! I've shared the back of this, but don't you like the front too? Is that Sigourney Weaver? Who do you reckon the Cyclopess favors? I imagine Nurse Jackie feels just like her on occasion. 

How great is this? The mouth is driving me nuts, 'cause it reminds me . . . Oh, my. Mary Louise Parker is on the television behind me. Is this her mouth? Does it remind you of her? Do you like the lights and shadows in the dress or what? It would be ideal done in gouache. Which reminds me, I came across a blog titled "Oh Gouache." LOL! Okay, it's not MLP, but it kinda sorta reminds me of the actress in "Sucker Punch." Know the one? Props to Lucy via Mom.

I thought someone sneaked a picture of Katy and mislabeled it Nebraska. Remember the lyrics, "Gonna set the night on fire?" Well, this is what those lyrics manifested would look like. Which reminds me of the song "Nights in White Satin." I always imagine knights in white satin . . . Um, get it?

And then there's this. This is what keeps the wolf from my door. Okay, maybe not, but it's things like it that keep me in pin money. Did you know that back in the day, pins were made by metal workers, and were painstakingly made one at a time by hand (naturally)? So. Pins were expensive. Housewives saved up all year for the peddler's visit, and they bought pins-pins-pins. Husbands gave them allowances for pin money. I guess it was separate from the household allowance. Well, Hell's Bells and puppy dog tails. Now women design pins and pens, make them, and rarely buy pins these days. They prefer pens instead. Aha! And so it goes. Write on.

Aside: Sheena, Xena's first cousin, was the first warrior commoner-- not every woman was a princess, you know--to carry a pink sword. Her head knockers are often mistaken by men to be metal testicles. Oh, right. I don't want to offend any of my mail readers. You mean so much to me. So, if you want to read more you, must leave this page and go here: 

Thanks again everyone. A little mail went out today, but I don't have a lot of writing time at the moment. Imagine having to do 50 or so drawings like this. Then ten more of serious stuff. Throw in hundreds of photos and writing copy. Ya gotta love it. I do. Oh. Keep in mind, if I owe you a letter, it's as good as having stock in Apple. 


  1. HAHAHA I was thinking those balls look like testicles ! Will get my mind out of the gutter now ;)

    love the drawng, also the ones before

    Oh I also loved to sit on the back of my sisters bike :)

    1. Hahaha! I guess my mind strays when I draw funnies, but I never thought they looked like testicles until JC said it. LOL.

      Thanks for liking my joy. They're fun, even when the anatomy is iffy. :)

      Wow. Your sister has a bike? I don't know any women who have one. Susan is the only pen friend I have who does, and I enjoy reading about her bike trips. Funny thing: I had a dream night before last. I was riding lickety split up a road, hit a big rock in the ground and went head over handle bars. I was riding a spring green tricycle. Adult size. Wonder what Freud would say?

  2. that's a whole lot of delicious goodness packed into one post. Yanni with chicken is the sweetest picture ever. makes me want to go visit some chickens. didn't know the origin of "pin money" very interesting. and your warrior bird is fabulous. (and THEN there was the comment about licking the back of Liz's head. you kill me)

    1. Hahaha! Yanni is always so serious. That's a patient chicken or else it gets paid to be a model. I remember reading a story where the father gave the mother pin money, way back when. Then someone wrote recently and asked if I knew the root of the term. The rest is all to Google's credit. :)

      You made me grin 'cause you like my warrior. The original is all gray . . . Psstt! Check it out here. http://andtheother.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/closer-than-close-7/ (Shameless plug.) I scanned it and laid down some loud colors to cheer me.

      Oh, about Liz. No disrespect, but you know this. I just imagined how I might feel knowing I'd been licked so often. But you get it, so . . . You're my girl. LOL.