Sunday, April 15, 2012

And, The Winner Is . . .

Drumroll . . .

"Berd? Or Breakfast?"

 It garnered 12 votes. What? You thought it was left up to me? No way. There were too many great entries, so I let family have a say. One person voted twice. They said they laughed so hard their hand spasmed and hit the button twice. Uh huh. So, congratulations K. I. of I Am Rushmore. Your BlueQ bag will go out this week. 

Thanks to everyone who played. I enjoyed this almost too much. Not much beats a good laugh, and y'all made me laugh big time.


  1. HOORAY! I'm jumping for joy. nothing I like better than making people laugh until they spasm.
    and pretty excited about that sweet bag.
    btw - I fully intend to solve your's been nagging away at me. inspiration has yet to strike.

  2. Good one Karen..............ha ha ha! Such a funny bunch-o-gals!

  3. Verry beautiful blog. I love mailart.