Sunday, April 15, 2012

All In A Day's Mail

If I had magazines with ads like this one? I'd hoard them. Or maybe turn them into envelopes, too? Thank you, dear Anna. Goodness is in store for you.

A royal mail box! See the world through YOU, is an idea I heartily like. If we had individual boxes, I would paint a picture of me on it, all naked and smiling, with a letter in my mouth. Bet I'd get more mail than the IRS will come Monday. 

Just look at this! How is it America's cousins comes up with so much more mail goodness? Could it be because they're more into mail than we are? I know their graphic designers aren't better. LOL. 
Wh-y-y? Thanks Anna. Color me green.

These are so cute. Thanks Misty! They remind me of . . . Well, several remind me of what happened yesterday . . .

Annoyed me to no end. I won't buy gas there, ever.  

This guy is so cool he probably nods off between blinks. I love me some nature. Thanks Elle!

This makes my heart skip. Hold on. My neighbors are hosting a crawfish boil and didn't invite me. Gonna go ask why. BRB.


  1. Love the mailbox. I wish I had a personalized one too. A picture of you on it. That'd be funny to see.

  2. GMTA, huh? :) Hahaha! Such an image would be a scream. Literally. :) Anna, see? I'm not the only one taken by that royal box.