Thursday, March 22, 2012


Sorry for the delay in revealing the contents of the box from Susan, but I have had a crick in my neck for three days. I threw in the towel yesterday afternoon. I came home after appointments, took something for the spasms and fell asleep. I woke around 9 PM. Took the second pill and slept until morning. The ice pack and the hot water bottle found each other in the dark, got busy and gave birth to a cold wet mess. So, as they say on Spartacus . . . Apologies.

Karen, the face on your red bird came off under my thumb. The post office lady drew on two eyes and a smile with her ball point. She had the nerve to ask why I short changed you? I said, "Beg pardon?" She replied, "Why didn't you decorate her package like all the others?" I answered, "Heck I did. I DREW her a bird, and I colored it." Forgot you hate red. Or maybe subconsciously I remembered, since I love red. And blue, and yellow, and orange, and green, and purple, and gray, and black and white. *grin*

Original art! Unsigned. Susan, and artist always sings their work. I heart pastels, too. Thank you. Keep up the good work. 

Still life! Our muscadines are growing like gangbusters. Last year's harvest was minimal because the birds and the drought worked against us. Thank you. And push pins. I like push pins. I guess you can say I collect them, since I buy beautiful ones and never use them. I will use these and remove the plastic ones.  

A closer view yields lovely daisies! Lovely, yes? Oh, I'll be pushing in daisies before too long. I am on a mission. 

They look real laying there on their lovely bed.

Hey, now. More vino embellishments. My mouth waters for grape juice. Very pretty. Thank you!

As if she hadn't bestowed enough goodness, she went and added more. Love the colors Susan. Hug yourself, girl! {{{Susan}}}
Mucho gracias, senora.

We finally reach the treasure-beneath-treasures. The oro. Did you know oro is another name for the Italian wine grape, Garganega? Have you guessed what I've been building up to? Yes! Corks! 

Two bags full. Worth their weight in wine and oro. 1003 Thank-yous aren't enough, but you know I am grateful, dear Susan. Your friend is wonderful, too. Imagine sending corks to a stranger. He must like you a lot, to do something this magnificent. Merci! He even cut them. Wow. He is on the Ample Rewards list. 

So, now you have it. Unconditional kindness in a box. Ain't mail grand? So are people. Thank you Suddenly Susan.

Explanations pending . . .


  1. I may have overstated my hatred of red a teeny bit. (she says from the couch of the living room with the wine red rug and wine red drapes). I certainly like red wine...
    I may have to camp out in the post office with all the good mail that is on it's way to me.

    1. LOL. See? No one can hate red. ;) I hope some of the color stays. Lesson learned? Do not use markers on plastic envelopes.

      Hope you get some of the best mail ever. You are one busy woman.

  2. What will you create with your corks, dear Limner?! (when you're feeling better)

  3. I hope you can make a nice cork board from those halved-corks. My friend, Pete, thought they would do really well with hot glue. He covers bird houses with corks and says a hot glue gun works well.

    I sure had a lot of fun drawing the grapes ~ it was my first attempt and I think I found a new object of affection. Mostly, I just had fun putting together the box and sending it, knowing how much fun it is to get a surprise in the mail.

    Happy corking!