Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Treely, Too

Inspiration comes when it will. I haven't done lino printing since I lived in South Carolina, but did buy a new carving kit several years ago. I always intended to use it, but the River of Creativity was swallowed up, then held back by the great Dam of Depression. Well, last night I got a rush from I Am Rushmore @ http://iamrushmore.blogspot.com/. So, today I bought Speedball's inexpensive stamp-making kit. They claim it is "Ideal for Letterboxing." Now I'm not sure what letter boxing is, so am going to Google it. BRB.

Oh, get out! I am going to do some letterboxing! Check it out y'all. Let us letterbox. But look at my tree first, okay? LOL. See my sun? It can double as a moon. Oh, what fun it is to carve one's own stamp. The kit comes with everything you'll need, including instructions, but I drew my design directly onto the surface, then went to town. I zoned out and before I knew it an hour had passed, and bingo-bango! I was done. My stamp is 4" x 6" so expect "Treely" postcards from this Limner right soon. Um, "Treely" is so named for a dear friend in South Carolina. She's a wonderful person so I intend to spread some Treely Spirit around first chance I get. 

Didn't I tell y'all I was busy creating and making merry like it's Christmas in March? Oh, yeah. Am learning and expanding, and composing letters in my head. It makes for easier writing when I sit down to catch up. Six letters went out today, and I think each one had something good inside. Yeah! TTYL, bye.

BTW, I used Stampabilities' acid-free, orange pigment ink pad. No brayer required, and it washes off with water. Just takes a bit longer to try since you may also use it for embossing. See you in the mail!


  1. I've done some letterboxing! I made my own stamp (it was years ago now) of a horse. It is a lot of fun! Especially if you go someplace (visiting someone, vacation, etc.) and look some up in the area before you go. I haven't done it in a while though.

  2. Hey Olivia! I tried to sign up for the Atlas thingy last night but it wouldn't let me. It certainly sounds like fun. The shame of it is, I ordered their Letterboxing book!

    A horse? Sheesh. I just destroyed a little bird. I'd like to see your horse. :) Wish you still had it. I like the new stamp making carving medium. It's super easy to use. Ever consider making more stamps?

  3. sweet stamp! (and I say that like all the 11 year old boys who congregate in my living room. "Dude! that's sweeeeet!")

    1. LOL! Way cool compliment. Thanks.