Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday's Mail for a Moanday

Drew this last night while I watched "Mr. Belvedere." Forgot to scan before I started to lay down some color. Will have to draw it again anyway since I want the tail to be smaller. A predator bites from the rear and gets a mouthful of tail. It grows back. Aha! Where does such a fish exists? In Limner's Land. At the end of the day they turn into postcards.

Ahem. Another envie front. This guy is preparing for lift-off. He has a photo shoot. Limner is looking for an air mail model for a postage stamp. He sent in a full body shot. 

She's heading to Beaumont. Someone needs a cheering-up postcard after surgery. The "Holla Gurl Berd" is just the thing.

The "Bottom Line Girls" are heading to Chicago. They're respectable enough. Right?

Doodle Bug! Doodle Bug! Who gets a Doodle Bug? Maybe you?

I have a mail boyfriend, too. We are into week 10 of our flash card game. Once a week I send him an alphabet card. One upper and one lower case makes for 52 weeks. Can you guess what the object is? No, it's not a horse. Only 42 weeks to go.

I plan to feature more In Mail tomorrow. Ooh, la! Hope you had a grand weekend. We had hail and rain and high winds and some near-flooding. Watching "Shameless" tonight made me forget about the morning's storm. Hmm. H is for hail.

I forgot!

Vanity forces me to share this although it's not quite finished. I drew it during Belvedere as well. L is for Lynn and Limner, too.


  1. Oh the prettiness...

    And the ABC envies (& cards) are a good idea must remember that :)
    Or wait...
    Can I interest you in a Dutch word ABC set? I can use my crappy drawing skills ;)

  2. Why thank you. Am having much fun drawing and doodling.

    LOL! I'd like that. The very idea makes me grin. Glad you like my game. I play with Misty's nephew. At the end he gets the goodies that came with the flashcards and a surprise.

    I have a feeling your drawing skills are far from crappy.

  3. I love your L and also the blue bird!!!

  4. Oh that is so sweet of you to send him that :)

    haha my drawing skills in school were better than these days but I should draw more ;)
    And would be fun to learn some Dutch to you trough mail-art ;)