Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Saturday Evening Post (A Long One)


Thank you, Pen Thief.

Karen, you make me laugh and wonder and imagine. Thank you for so much.

RSZ. This is absolutely lovely. Reminds me of my little flower. The watercolor instructor in SC taught us to draw "the flowers in my mind." I've drawn a lot of those since then. Thank you.

LOL! This envelope made me slip my rein in the post office. I laughed and talked to K out loud. Had to! Wait 'til I show you more. Thank you, K. Young! Hard hugs, girl. My cup ran over.

I swanne! Thought this was from someone in Texas. Thank you, LR McArthur. I see wide open spaces--the kind I love. 

Ooh! The uncanceled stamps!

Thank you, Patty! Did you use a Cricut on my name? 


My uncle's funeral was today. Said I wouldn't post today but here I am. Busy hands-busy mind, right? Not really. He won't be buried until Monday 'cause the VA doesn't do weekend burials. Uncle was a merchant marine. He never had a bad day. I never saw him angry. He loved children. He liked everyone. He never held a grudge. He wrote to his mother when he was away as a young sea man. He sent her a beautiful set of china. The pattern is roses. Some in our family are still fighting over those dishes, and grandmother has been buried for decades. 


I doodled this bug when I was thinking hard about my uncle. I plan to redo it and color the body black. It will be The Mourning Doodle Bug. No, I'm not overly sad just because I am writing about my favorite uncle's passing. I feel good about him not fretting and forgetting who we are. Last time I saw him he remembered a lot. I took a lot of photographs of him. I sent him a group shot. I matted and framed it, then signed it . . . I forged his wife's name. Uncle kept the picture on his night stand. 

When I finally visit him at the VA Cemetery in Dallas, I am going to have a copy of this postcard encased inside on of the vials I've been saving. I am going to press it into the ground, as close to his headstone as I can get it. I imagine him saying, "Thank you, lil' sugar." He called my mom his favorite sister-in-law and "Lil' Sister." There were five boys in the family. Grandmother always called my mom the daughter she never had. It rained all day the day my grandmother was buried. It rained all day in Katy during my uncle's funeral. 

Not sure who gets this, but it goes out in Moanda'ys mail.

As I sat doodlin’
A doodle berd
Landed on my head
I asked him
I said
“Doodle berd
Doodle berd
What’s the good werd”
And he wrote back
Can you guess
What he doodled
From the top
Of my head
Limner said

Hope no one is offended by this. We all have bottoms. This postcard came as in insert in Vanity Fair or . . . Heck. I forget. I've had it for a while now. I remember the original. Someone Photoshopped it. Guess where.

This will go to a cat lover. My Simon loves to snuggle on a rainy day. He burrows until he finds the right spot, then he snoozes and snores. I love my Simon. 

Choosing what mail to scan and share is one of the hardest things I do. On days like today I simply close my eyes and pick. Thank you all for not making it easy.


  1. aw man, it's hard to say goodbye to the people you love. I read that part about bringing the postcard to the cemetery and my eyes welled up. That's a mighty nice tribute you just posted.

  2. Yes, you understand, don't you? And you are kind. I rarely go to funerals. I've attended just one in over a decade. My sister told me some of Uncle's friends spoke today and the common thread was his good nature and generosity. His ex-wife was there. :) Am glad I didn't go. I'll see him later.