Wednesday, March 14, 2012


LyndaK: Such beautiful drawings. It looks like Elizabeth and Alona as a young woman. I Googled her, naturally. Very touching. Thank you. The Calvin & Hobbes stamp was the perfect choice.

Kathy! Such a delicate piece. It's lovely to touch. It's special. I treasure it. Thank you. You're such a lady. And you're a star!

Dear Elle. I look at this and see stories upon stories upon memories and dreams and more stories. It loves the light. It's beautiful. I thank you. The scanner didn't do it justice.

I keep picking this up because I like it so much. LR I know I answered, so this should be in the appropriate box, but not just yet. Thank you. I owe you another letter. It will come. I appreciate every piece of mail that comes my way.

Ah, the peacock and nerds! I do like a peacock. One used to drink from the sunken hot tub where we lived on the side of a mountain. It scared me at night. You'd think it would have left a feather as payment for the water, but no, it told the mule and the mule tipped over, too. Such memories that come borne with a stamp. Thank you very much dear Kimi. I owe you at least two letters. Do not despair. 

A triple decker! Lynda, hey again girl. Merci. Hope a French thanks will make it more special, because I like the cards you sent. 

Beth! LOL. A bundle of thanks! Two pretty birds and a handsome falcon stamp. Another triple. 

Misty! Dr. S. is never a wrong guess with a limner. Plus I like trees and Misty mail. All hail! Thank you!

Lynda's back: All the lovely shamrocks! Merci beaucoup. Did I find the lucky one? Hope I remember to tell on St. Paddy's Day.

Beth's back: Life is like a flower . . . It grows more beautiful the more you care for it. I agree. Thanks for adding the words, ESPECIALLY after the grand goodness included. Such graciousness does not go unrewarded.

Dear Emilie,  not sure which I like most--The envie, the address label, or the back. So, I like it all over! Thank you, Winnie's girl. The Bearden stamps fits nicely.

Dodson, D.! Thank you very much sir. You're something else. My card is No. 23. I know who Cobb is, but Googled him anyway. Always thought his name was Tyson. It's Tyrus. Imagine that. He was handsome, too. Can't believe someone bought his dentures. Nice stats. I will treasure this card. Somewhere in my storage hides baseball cards I collected when I lived in SC. Wouldn't it be funny if at least one was valuable. Ha!

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