Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mail Out & Innies

5 Piece Collage

That boot is for scootin, too, but art makes it smart.

Dance ballerina girl, dance!


An Innie Collage *Lucas, MK, Dana & Anna M., I do thank you. 
Your mail seemed to fit well on my scanner. The colors are what convinced me. I heartily like each piece for separate reasons though. You know we share who we are with each piece of art we create, right? Ooh, I'd like to hear what some of you think of me. LOL.

Must try my hand at this. I once dreamt of being an illuminator, but they were male then, and I was just a young girl dreaming. There's nothing wrong with now, is there?

Lovely feather. Reminds me of a little fish's bones picked clean. Thank you, Anna. I am teaching myself how to draw realistic birds. There's a hawk that uses my back yard and an empty space that's on my post office route, for his open air restaurant. I love to watch him play with his food since his prey escapes when he's just playing. Anna, you're one of the few who get so deep inside my head, it makes me wonder. LOL. Am still looking for that fossil.

See what I mean? This is typical me. The stamps! Oh, the stamps. I am going to devote several days to scanning and sharing stamps. They are as fascinating as the mail they bear. Thank you, again, Anna.

This. This is still on my desk. It's propped where the sun hits it. Cathy's designs remind me of jacks. I was a jacks champion. These dance, don't they? See? They're like a chorus line. Thanks Cath, for always coloring my world with the unexpected. 

An this. I wish you could feel how soft and gentle this feels. Examining it at my desk, in the sunlight, I feel like I'm caressing a rectangular piece of stained sea glass that's been washed ashore. Thank you, dear Lucas. I look at your work and wonder if I have the patience to color one. I do. Dang! Forgot to scan the back, but am so sleepy now. Must say goodnight after this . . .

A lovely thank-you from Jackie. You are welcome, lady. Thank you.
Good night all.


  1. Lucas, Way to go man!! from the plain envelopes to this. Quite a step up. More than I'm turning right now.. Must give in to the doodle..

  2. LOL. Lucas has hidden talents Derrick. Let the Doodle Berd peck your head. Just go with it. Much fun.

  3. Limner, I have some exciting news. I remember quite some time ago you mentioned something about corks for making a "cork" board. I have a friend who has some very nice corks he is giving to me to send to you. I just need to know if you would like to have them cut in half. He has a tool that will slice them very nicely but I wanted to make sure that's how you'd like them. It makes sense that you'd want them halved so you can hot glue them to a board. Please let me know and he'll have them done for me in a couple of days and I'll mail them to you. My email address is:

  4. Got the goodies today! It's on my blog! :)

  5. I look at the cake and think.. Hey who brought Diabetes!!

    1. Hahaha! Had to scroll through posts. You mean the little carrot cake? In moderation, even cake is good for you. It has carrots inside and on top. Hehe. And the ingredients are organic. :P