Monday, March 19, 2012

A Mail of a Day!

Erin go braugh! Such simple pretty. Thank you, Impeccable M. Not a postmark in sight. What a lovely offering.

Went to the post office today; not expecting much since I haven't written many letters lately. I hollered. I turned the key, opened the door and oh my goodness. There was so much goodness inside, it was dark. But not so dark I couldn't see the key that meant an even larger package awaited just around the corner. Dodson, D.! I tell you, you are something else. I get weak over packaging and tape. What's the brand of tape you use? It sticks and unsticks like magic. I have to buy some. 

Hahaha! I just got that 1 martini, 2 martini, 3 martini, FLOOR! You have great, fun and enviable stamps, mi amigo. And permission to feed the limners. Homer Simpson! I like the outside, front and back ALMOST as much as I like the contents.

Oh, the contents! I have never, since I've been female, gotten a letter and the pad it's written on. You grabbed the brass ring for clever-clever, mister. Then you included a dad-gum pencil that smells like black cherry, to boot. It must be a natural scent 'cause it doesn't make me itch, sneeze, wheeze, and my nose doesn't drip. Thank you. And the pin? OMG. Hug yourself! No, let me hug you myself. {{{Dodson,D.}}} Tell Kim it's okay, I'm asexual. No postal cancels on your stamps either. Lovely stamps, btw. Very nice address labels. Congrats on having to buy new ones. 

Just when I didn't think things could get any better . . . My stars. Look what happened. Wow. But let me say this. I had to have help with one little part, but it wasn't correct, so I'm not giving JC credit for his part in this. Well, maybe his telling me wrong spurred me on to figure it out for myself. But no matter. Just look here. Below.

Ta-da! Look! See? This is from Angela, you angel! These little dolls made the news here. They didn't mention their themes, but no matter, it never occurred to me that I'd be the owner of one. I was torn about opening it, 'cause I wanted to save it for my time capsule, but I thought, "Shoot. Why leave it for someone else to find and have fun?" Then I gently tore open the package and put it together in no time. Okay, except for the little pause where I had to scratch my head. 

The girl has mail. LEGO girlfriend is going to mail a letter. How cute, huh? Dear Angela, you suggested I might want to give it to one of my Bling GF. Or not. Thank you for allowing me the option. I've been a secret LEGO fan for years. Am keeping it. :) Sorry my young girlfriends. Am going to collect all 5. {{{Angela}}} You are wonderful.  I'll post photos tomorrow. Poor natural light didn't do her justice. Maybe the sun will come out to stay tomorrow, but many thanks to you tonight.

There's this. My dear pen friends are the best in the world. Y'all are unbelievable, and I love you. 

I've got birds on the brain of late. This came in the day's mail, too: I am weak for raptors. Am going to practice drawing this bird. Thank you, my dear friend. I really do need to work on that swan. 



 Thank You!


  1. So glad you liked it. The pencil was to go out on the last pack I sent, but missed the boat. Tape. Unfortunately, it's not the tape put what it's attached to. have you noticed the texture of the envi? Very difficult to get anything to attach to it. all the same it's just good ole scotch packing tape.

    Can't believe not one cancel on that package. I have a $5.00 non canceled stamp from LWA - trying to figure out where I want to use that puppy :)

    Hope you like the pad. figured it as close to your divoga

  2. Lovely birds! I have to buy myself that cute little lego mailbox!! I really want the North Poles mail center (built with legos) but at over $50 I think I will pass. Haha

    1. Thank you, little ma'am. Glad you're back. Isn't it just sweet? Angela is just as sweet to think of me and my BGF. Too bad I'm being selfish but . . . :)

      The North Pole Mail Center is $69 now. :( I'll pass right along with you. :)

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    1. Well dang it all Millicent. Your comment made me grin! I like knowing I make you smile. :) Thank you.