Monday, March 12, 2012


Mail Call Collage

Foxtrot! I have clippings from the strip that I count as treasure.  LOL. A favorite is the one that gives a nod to the iMac. Thanks Angela.

Misty, thanks for the Celtic knot and 4 leaf clover. I have never found one, and I am always looking. I wonder if clover is good to eat? It sure smells sweet, and cows like it. I used to think I tasted it in the milk that came from my grandmother's cow back when I was a kid. Ooh! Now I want to do a knot.

Such a class act Anna. I do like the boxes. I dreamed of having my own hat box one day, but women gave up hats long before I came of age. I won't share the photo inside until the day I find that darn fossil! LOL. Your queen was such a pretty lady. Such style she had back then. What say you, Mrs. Duffy? Thank you.

LR that's some ad. The back is as amazing as the front. That dress makes me want to dress up and do a cougar prowl. Grrr. LOL! Meow. Hey! Isn't she that little Emma Watson? She's too young to have memories of an older puma. Thanks for the memories LR. 

MK double thanks for double offerings. I feel like I've been crowned. For real. I was Mail Queen for a Day. Liking your stationery and mail art, girl! "It's a beautiful day" reminds me of the Lupe Fiasco and Jill Scott song . . . Um, "Daydream! I fell asleep beneath the flowers. For a couple of hours. What a wonderful day! Daydream!" Don't you just love good music?

Anna, you are a gem among gems. I have the best pen friends on the planet. I like this fox, and The Twits are my kind of people. Such rich illustrations. 1003 smiles to you! Thank you all over again. 

I bid you goodnight.


  1. If I've posted about these stamps before, please excuse my short memory. I tend to repeat things I like. *sigh* Besides, I feel like I should be standing on my head right in the middle.

    1. I wouldn't mind if you posted about Roal Dahl stamps everyday. They are so cute. Anyway, every design is worth a single post so don't worry. I just wish I receive one someday! :-)

  2. Alhana let me know when you get one. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.