Thursday, March 8, 2012

Letter to a Bling GF

A letter to one of my Bling Girlfriends is actually a note. I needed something to enclose with the little gift I sent. A note is long enough for a little girl's attention span, don't you think? Besides, I don't think she will care as much for what I say as she will about what's inside. Then, too, packaging counts. I know, but Kaylee reassured me when I watched the video as she opened the last gift. I'll post it some day if her dad gives me the okay. But anyway . . .

I do like SIGGI's yogurt. Mmm, yum to the tim, but I like it. I'd like it even more if it were a little less expensive. *wink* to the wise. And I dislike tossing the lovely bottles after I lick the rim and the lid, so I thought I would "repurpose" the lot. Then I did. Here's how:

A really sharp knife allows you to cut a little door into the side, or bottom, depending on the object you want to mail. Fold a hinge and you're half-way there. Guess what. I did not cut myself. I punctured my thigh when I dropped the Xact knife, but I had on black yoga pants, so I don't know if there were spots of blood or not. Was too busy working on Kaylee's bottle.

Had to include the cap, dontcha know? So I applied a bead of bookbinder's glue all around after capping the bottle. Then I wrapped the neck with the black and white string. When it dried, the seal was nice and tight. The ladies at the post office had nothing but admiration for your bottle Kaylee. One customer wanted to know all about it. You ladies have a small group of admirers. Oh, my neighbor across the street knows about you, too. And the Mappa Mundi!

I affixed a label from a 12 x 12 sheet of paper from Archiver's atop the Siggi label, added a little dazzle bling, and addressed it to my gf.

Now. Guess what's in it and you'll win a surprise of your own. Contest ends @ 4:08 PM, Limner's Time tomorrow. Everyone is eligible.

Two kind souls will automatically receive something special for their generous contributions. Anonymous Donor, and Karen at, sent a cigar box for the cause. I hope my little GFs will draw a picture for the two nice ladies, and send them to me. I will forward them. I promise. Two more boxes go out this week. Thank you both. 

On an equally happy note I leave you now with a song. Remember Earth, Wind & Fire? Then sing along! When you feel down and out, sing a song! It'll make you day! Sing a song! Sing a song! Sing a so-o-ong!



P.S. Char at the post office told me how to mail a glass bottle safely. Cut the side of a cola bottle and slip in the glass bottle. Tape it shut. Affix your label, and hey! You are good to go.


  1. your spoiling my little one. spent the day at home today with her coughing (allergies are really bad right now)

  2. Replies
    1. *smiling with hand over heart, mouthing, "thank you*

    2. hmm i left comments on the last 2 posts re: K

      Your spoilin my little one Ms Limner :)

      And yes you have my Ok on the vid.

      Thank you so much!

  3. You should see the grin on this side.. She received it last night. We opened this morning. Sent you some photos.. THANK YOU!!

  4. Wow. Wonder why it took so long? Glad I did it right. Almost bought the cow, then thought calf. Am practicing for future grandmother-hood. Maybe. :)