Monday, March 26, 2012

Just a Little Bit

Hey, all. There's a lot going on here in Limnerville. But not so much to keep me from whittling away some mail time. And I do mean some mail. So, here's just a little bit of what came in:

I like the whole package from my friend, Patty. Wish I had a Kleenex so I could wipe the makeup off this baby's face though. I love children. Her little face is a new slate. It should be clean.

Then there are the little darlings. Does it get sweeter'n these three? I tell you, I get as much satisfaction from the wrapping as I do from the contents. Well, almost. Great ads are keepers. 

Dear Patty, you blew me away. Thank you, girl. I am going to have so much fun! I get to let go. 

I still dream of slinging paint on wall-big canvas. In my dreams, I get to sling so much that I have to cover the floor with tarp. Now I get to do some mini-slinging on paper. Yes! Thanks for crowding me into trying something new. No way can I have this and not use it. 

Henderica. Girl! Thank you for one of the cutest, sweetest little books. It fits into the pocket of my Spring Levenger tote, the pocket of my favorite hoodie, and a pair of my favorite grungy linen slacks.  It's a too big for my bra, though, but it's okay since I can't get a pen in my bra anyway. *wink* 

Check out the back! I agree with the sentiment. Ya gotta love mail!

Lucas, my man. Look at you, dude. How utterly everything! Thanks for giving me this. The pages inside are just as precious. I like your style. You seem so laid back, but there's this totally unexpected tension that leaps out and blows me away. I am honored to be among your pen-friends-in-the-making.

And Bev. Your envelopes change like a chameleon . . . No. Like a leopard changing spots. LOL. I still savor that "Wicked" envelope. Where did you buy the tape? The lion smiles like Mona Lisa. I like your handwriting, too. Thank you. Very much.

I'm signing off with a postcard. I do like postcards, don't you? There's just something about them that makes me smile every time I get one. I've decided to keep all of my postcards together. Thank you, dear Misty. This is so special. Erin sent me the same card the last time she visited Paris! 

This is just one folder of mail that needs answering. See? I bought a new accordion folder to help me keep on top of things. Yeah, right. There's an orange one that looks like its twin. I feel I must post more mail tomorrow, on my honor as a letter-lover. I'm behind because I've been busy working and dealing with mold, but I still manage to work in a mail break now and again. There's so much wonderful mail to share. Hope you enjoyed just a little bit of mine 
The end. (For tonight.)

MAIL OUT, etc.

A postcard. A Lone Star Ranger.

Stationery for Miss Davia, Miss Lucy's pen pal.

Front of an envelope. Addresses go on back.

For one of my girlfriends. It went out today. Hope it gets to her safe and sound. The curbside mail boxes were so full; mail was clearly visible, almost sticking out. I stuffed it inside, easily reached in and took it out again, tried another one, then put it back. There are five mail boxes. No way can our post office be in trouble. 

Psstt! If you happen to see a pony rolling in a Siggi's yogurt bottle, please return to sender. Thanks in advance. 

The end. (For tonight.)



  1. Mine is starting to pile up as well.. Ned to order some more paper, I already went through the 100 sheet pad i just ordered :)

    We found Mama cow this weekend, was buried in her closet. We now have the whole family for her calf :D thanks Ma'am.

  2. Funny how it goes from feast to famine, huh? Welcome to the club. LOL. I'm lucky to have stocked up on pads when they were marked down. I like the pad you gave me. Everything glides across that paper like a warm knife through buttah. I finally removed the letter. :) Will answer soon. We have so much going on here. But that's life, right?

    Such relief! Mama cow is safe and sound. LOL. Reminds me when we lost Bert in JC Penney's once. Someone picked him up 'cause we never found him. Had to buy another one. These years later, Bert is safe and sound in Erin's college trunk.

    My pleasure. And you are quite welcome.

  3. Hi Bobbie,

    Glad you got the package. Don't those little cuties on the wrapping look like bona fide members of your Bling Club? I meant to put a note in to that effect, but knew you'd "get it" even though I forgot.
    P.S. I love the Mondrian look of the envelope by Lucas.

  4. I love those crocheted shirts! :)
    Hey, do you think you can draw a bird in a tutu, doing ballet? If so, maybe we could do a little artwork exchange. hmm.. Just let me know!

  5. Thank you very much. I fell for the little darlings right off the bat. :) I tell anyone who will listen all about my Bling Club gfs. I saved the wrapping. Thanks, too, for being in tune with my fun. ;)

    And yes, I am quite impressed with Luca's nod to Mondrian. Wait until you see what I got from "my little Lucy." There's much scanning that needs doing in Limnerville, but I have serious work that needs doing. :) An artist's work is never done.

    Glad you're back.

  6. Waiting to find out the horse's name (told Miss D she couldn't name it Cookie Dough cuz she already has a horse named cookie dough). So she's playing in her bed (instead of sleeping) with her horse. Though she said "No Thank You" and held out her hand like a stop sign when I said she could just put him back in his jug-house for the night.

    1. Yipee! It made it. :) Thanks for letting me know. Try to imagine how delighted I am to discover I got it right again. Who knew she loved horses? ;) I have a feeling it will have a name any day now. I have to scan her ykw for a later post. Thanks mom! Good night Miss D. Sweet dreams.