Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Am Changing . . .

Okay. I have changed. Just like this guy. Only I have changed my mind. Because of the great captions being sent in, the caption challenge is extended to April 15. Who knew it would be this much fun? Besides, if this thing can change, then why can't a date? So, please, keep the great ideas coming. Y'all are funny!

Now. Back to the drawing board. Um . . . 10 envelopes and 2 postcards went out. A lone letter escaped yesterday, and one was written last night, but it wasn't mailed today. I've been working having fun instead. Not writing is as hard as not reading mail.

Write on!

Oops. Apologies. This guy is part of the job joy I'm working funning on. It's a little healthy to be a zombie/ghoul, but it's in the middle of changing. Okay, I've never drawn a partial corpse before, but I'll figure it out. Hope you have as much fun doing your job  earning a living as I do. Love and hugs!



  1. oh good - i'm glad you've extended because i haven't submitted yet. i'm going to get to overthink this for many more days!

  2. I haven't submitted mine yet either. Good I have an extra time because I it's hard to think in English. :-)

  3. Happy to know the decision was a good one. So far the entries are better than expected, and funny-funny. Looking forward to more. :) Thanks.