Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Girlfriends Rock!

I like diamonds, 
(They're my birthstone.)
but girlfriends
are a girl's best friend.

I cannot bear to put this away just yet. I stuck it next to my window and forgot to answer the message on back. Apologies, Kailey and Patty. It's dated March 9. 

Kailey's Nana wrote: The family has a black Lab. Her name is Belle. Belle is also my mom's middle name, but the look in this dog's eyes gets me every time I look back. She really looks as if she wants me to take these flowers, doesn't she? Thanks Kailey!

Aside: This is the front of Patty's birthday card. Now I feel doubly bad because I didn't know; then I forgot after she told me. I have a feeling Belle might be telling me, "Just send flowers. Woof-us!" On closer inspection (zoom in), the pooch is smiling! So, hopefully this showcase will get me out of the dog house.

Then there's a P.S. Wait until you see what came from Davia and Lucy! AND Kaylee. Bet y'all are getting jealouser and jealouser by the word. Ha! 'Cause my girlfriends rock!

Write on.


  1. Is that not the cutest face!! What a sweetie pie! You do get the bestest mail, Limner!! Thanks for sharing with all of us. (hug) Ok, I'm ready for the next batch!

  2. Let's negotiate a little art exchange. ;)

  3. Diamond birthstone, huh. That must mean you have a birthday in April, right? What day? Do tell.

  4. Thanks, but it's not fair. Not telling 'cause I missed yours. :( Am so sorry. Am bad about birthdays. I forget my mom's and hers is Feb. 16, two days after her sisters, Feb 14. Hope you had more than a happy one. I hope it was everything you needed it to be. :)