Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Double Dip

I recall commenting on The Missive Maven's blog after she'd expressed her thoughts about not feeling worthy of an amazing gift she'd received. Naturally I thought she wouldn't have received it if she didn't deserve it, and said as much. Well, I might not eat meat but I can eat crow. Consider this me eating raw crow.

I know how she felt. I, too, have been the recipient of such generosities, and think myself unworthy. Seriously. I also believe that we get as much good or not-good as we give. So why am I still floored when good people are good to me? I promise to explain all this, but not tonight, since I have already posted and I don't want to make you tired of me. I will say this, then I'm going back to my drawing board.

This afternoon I did my usual shopping at Whole Foods Mkt., and lingered in the bakery after buying my apples. The display case is conveniently located in front of the apples, so I couldn't miss the cute carrot cake. Yes, I bought it. 

Aha! Gotcha! It wasn't for us. I dropped it off at the post office door where you collect mail that's held for you, or whatever. Char was in the postmaster's office, which meant I couldn't give it to her. No big deal. I left it with the sweet lady working the pick-up door, then I went to check my mail box. I tell you, I couldn't decide if I should have a mini breakdown or or a melt down. I had heart flubs instead. I'll tell all tomorrow. God willing, and the creek don't rise.

 Luckily, they were half-staffed today. I know they'll enjoy this. All 4"! That's about 8 slices. 

Thank you, everyone, and goodnight.

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