Thursday, March 8, 2012

Double Dip X2

Heck, I can't wait any longer! Take a look at the second member of the BGF Club. Isn't she darling? Was trying to wait for her box to make it, but . . . Ta-da! My first "correspondence" from a member. This is Kaylee, Dodson, D.'s daughter. Am pairing her with another K. Ooh, I hope her Nana hurries and gives permission.

Everyone, please say hello to Kaylee.

No more double posting, any time soon. He-e!

Sorry! P.S. There's video, but will wait for dad's approval before sharing. Honest. She is so sweet! Hope he says yes.


  1. you have daddies ok, and yes ma'am we have the box. it's currently full of roaches, bisons and other assorted miniature animals/bugs (she got a bunch of gel lie bugs for her birthday)

  2. Hi Kaylee !
    Hope you will grow up keep sending lots of (snail)mail :)

    Oh Limer I blogged since that cute little can arrived today :)

    1. Hey girl! I've been wondering about you. Glad the can made it. The clerk at the post office got a kick out of the idea. She grew up with the same staple. We had fun over a baking powder can. LOL.

      Glad you posted something. Neglect is sad. ;)

  3. ♥♥
    yes :) I love it :D
    receiving mail makes me so happy (am I crazy if I am? LOL)

    I've been wondering, did my postcard arrive yet?

  4. LOL. No, you are not crazy. Mail can make a day, so I totally understand. It lets you know someone is thinking of you and then act on it.

    No. No postcard yet.