Thursday, March 1, 2012

Culored Gurl

I have taught myself a lot of things over the years. Once I learned how to do a thing well I moved on. Everything I learn is stashed away in my Knowledge Box--to be retrieved on the fly, enhanced as necessary. It's been 10 years--possibly less or more since I tried learning watercolor on my own. Oh, it's not easy for someone like me. I like controllable mediums. Like gouache. I so want to be a world class watercolorist, but it won't obey me. 

I didn't have models, so my images were gleaned from photos that appealed to me. This one is from a book I've misplaced. It's a photograph of a young Amish girl inside a hen house. Thought it would be easy since there's the one figure, gradient shadows . . . But darned if that basket of eggs, the girl, the walls, the window . . . Everything was a challenge. Watercolor isn't gouache. I grew weary of messing up detailed drawings, and having to spend hours reproducing and eliminating the hardest parts, so I gave up and gave in. I put the while thing aside. 10 years. A decade in the dark. Then, I recently came across a photo I took of the drying piece. I grinned. All that angst disappeared, and I wish I'd finished it. Good, bad or a hot mess, I wish I had. Since I didn't, I've turned it into postcards. 

The first image depicts Depression and Anti-depression. Standing with us is The Light that surrounds, protects, and lights the way out. It's so strong it casts out all shadows. Loving the light that falls across our face--seeking release, we turn outward, but the light inside is strong, too. Coupled, all the lights are supra-powerful. 

Okay, maybe I'm not saying it well, but I hope you will make your own interpretations. Maybe you will get why the young woman is unfinished. And, maybe you will get why this is called "Culored Gurl." Two postcards go out tomorrow. They're already writ!

Back to the Limner Cave goeth I.

Write on.


  1. I really like both. The first sums up all the intensity and feeling that is depression while the second is soft and serene, like after a storm has passed, when things are fresh and still.

    1. Wow. That sums up being in that dark place and exiting. Thank you very much for this.

  2. Limner,
    I think these images are stunning. They draw me in and speak to me, my heart and my soul. Just lovely!!


    1. Thanks to you, too Vicki. I appreciate what you've written. You have no idea. Thank you.