Tuesday, March 20, 2012

As I Was Saying . . .

Who said adults don't play with toys? Here's evidence that we do. La-la! It was fun. Thanks again Angela. You're a doll.

Wish they'd done the old fashioned mail box, but beggars can't be choosey. Or is it cheesy? Wonder who the letter is for? Wonder what she said? Notice she used a wax seal? The girl has class.

Another stormy overcast day made for weak photos, but . . . Oops! Forgot to shut the lid. I think those are cupcakes next to the flowers. Not sure what the Valentine is about. I visited the LEGO site. There's a cute film showing. LOL. The popcorn guy is too much like me. This was fun to the nth. 


Here's to Stomped Grapes

1) I couldn't stand any more excitement yesterday after I opened all that goodness. This big box came too; it is from Suddenly Susan. {{{SUSAN}}} 2) The light was bad yesterday. 3) Would have resulted in low quality photographs, and I wanted to share. What are: 3 reasons I didn't open this box yesterday? 

Well let me tell you. I really couldn't take so much goodness in one day. I wanted to open it on video like Geraldo did with Al Capone's wall and the pyramid bomb, but mine was guaranteed to have content. So, I've waited all day because I hoped the weather would clear up. Instead it's gotten worse. There's no more waiting. Thank you, dear Susan. I with thank your good friend with pen, paper, and photos of the finished results. Here goes:

Every time I look at this kid I grin. I can't help it! His smile and two thumbs up are infectious. Come on. Tell the truth. Didn't you grin?

Four sides of the box are embellished with wine-related images. Just take a look. I especially like this rendering. What can it be? Nice work.

See? Susan, you have a good eye.

Look at this! Can't you just see that bridge done in watercolors? Doesn't Spokane beckon? Wow. 

I'm keeping the box.

I've only ever seen as many wine ads in Food & Wine Magazine. Yeah, I'm keeping it.

LOL! Love the smile gf. And who else gets fresh drawn grapes? Dang, but I feel like a glass of grape juice. Unfermented. I gotta tell you: The aroma that escaped from the box when I opened it made me want to go downstairs and uncork a bottle of JC's good stuff. just to smell it. You reckon La Mona had a glass or three while posing, and that's why she has that smile? Lovely drawing, Susan. You should have signed it. Thanks.

To avoid an even longer post, I will share the contents tomorrow. Care to guess what's inside?

1003 thank-yous, Susan! And I still owe you more. 


  1. :-) Glad you enjoyed the box as much as I enjoyed decorating it!

    1. You have no idea how much I enjoyed the outside. :) A lot of thought and creativity went into your embellishment. I appreciate every piece. Thanks.

  2. letter lego girl is cool. she reminded me of the fisher price town I had - it came with a mail truck and plastic letters and each door in town had a mail slot. so awesome. i think it's still in my mom's basement. gotta go over there and find it.
    can't wait to see what awesomeness is contained within that big box of fun.

    1. Hope you find your little FP town. I'd like to see it. :)

      Hope you will get a kick out of what's inside as much as I do. ;)

  3. Legos are just lovely, and mailing related legos super of course! - But also the FP town sounds great with plastic letters and everything. Also I would like to see it!