Friday, March 23, 2012

1/1 or Even Steven

This has to be the silliest looking penguin ever, yet it graces the envelope that carries another flash card to my young pen friend, Carter the Great. This is our second P. A lower case p. I think I am a week behind in our 52 week mail challenge. Hopefully he takes it in stride because he wasn't feeling well for a while. There's nothing as aggravating as falling behind with your mail, so I don't want him to feel overwhelmed. It's all about having fun.

So, in that vein, here's my attempt at a bit of levity. I need a caption for this little 'toon. It has a mail theme. The SASE (self address stamped egg) makes it so. To enter this contest, simply put your caption on a postcard and get it to me by April 1. International entry deadline is April 30. Please include an English translation 'cause you know I barely speak American as it is. Y'all are some funny people, so I'm looking forward to some knee slappers.

What do you get for being funny? Scroll . . . 

Keep scrolling . . . .

Okay, enough. You will win . . . 

One of my favorite things: A Blue Q pencil keeper/case. Okay, I keep more than pencils in mine. It holds a pencil sharpener, one of my carpenter pencils, which is still a pencil, but . . . I get in a kneaded eraser, a couple-three gray markers for sketches on the fly, a roll of . . . Heck! You decide what you want to use it for. I'm just saying, it acts as a mini creativity kit that's great for sketching while sitting out time before appointments, sketches in the park or even the backyard. It wipes clean with a damp cloth.

And if you use it with common sense, you will avoid embarrassing things like this . . . Scroll down.

A marker without a cap can make you weep. My second favorite set of sheets is ruined. It was much worse before I used wads of paper towels soaked with alcohol. *sigh* Such a lovely shade.

I could have used it to draw this, huh? Yes! The first iris of the year. I spied it the second I opened the door. Imagine going to get the mail and being greeted with this instead. The second one hadn't opened. Tomorrow. 

Write on!


  1. AHhhh.. you scared me for a minute. I though that mark was on your quilt.. Such a sad way to go. I have many antique ones around the house. Not usable anymore to to age, but love the old quilts.

    Caption: Will it make it there before the rate change?

    "send one self addressed stamped egg" to...

    1. Alas, it did. Hope it comes out in the wash. The stains on the quilt are much lighter. My poor white mattress suffered but might be saved.

      Better hope no one sends in your to suggestions on a postcard. ;)

      Are you from the south? You like quilts. :)

  2. I like that SASE. And I hope it is a hard boiled egg as I fear for its integrity at the post office. Now off to think about that caption you need. :-)

    1. LOL, Alhana! In the land of cartoons everything is possible. Looking forward to your caption.

  3. I'm putting my "caption" in the mail today. I LOVE your drawings. Have a BEAUTIFUL day today! Hugs.

    1. Look forward to reading your entry. :) Thanks for liking my drawings. It's been a long while since I've 'toned, but my fingers are recalling the how-tos of it all, so they will only get better. I appreciate your comments.

      We have had a perfect day! The sun is still shining, it's cool, and the neighborhood is quiet. It's been an ideal day to be inside the studio. Yours can top mine though, 'cause you have a beautiful Lily! :) Tell her "Hey!"

  4. well alllllright. i'm putting on my thinking cap. If that stain doesn't come out of your sheets you'll just have to go with it and make a bunch MORE stains and then it will look intentional. I got the MOST excellent package from you, and my effusive thanks will be forthcoming both on my blog and back in the mail to you! -Karen

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. LOL! And you thought stripey string was the payoff. ;) Had to take time to think before I chose something for you. You are a berd of a different feather altogether.

      You are welcome. I appreciate the kind thing you did. We're even. Even Steven, even.

      Oh! Glad you like it. I keep my personal artistamps in mine. Took me weeks to decide what to use it for. Hope it doesn't take you half as long.

      Looking forward to your entry.