Friday, February 17, 2012

Would You Welcome 50 Cents?

No, not that 50 Cents! This 50 Cents:

I won't mind. What I do mind is paying for first class and getting less than. Or paying more for less. Would you mind another hike?

"Charging more for reduced service is not a rational plan for any business, including the U.S. Postal Service," said Fredric Rolando, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers. For real. That's not the American way, is it? (Covers mouth with foot.) Some of the comments expressed by a few misinformed fellow Americans makes me wonder about our future. Take this one as an example:

"I don't know why anyone would ever send a paper letter anymore. It can all be done online."

How is first class declining?

Part Two

My Exciting Find

I've kept an eye out for years--for the one affordable letter opener I had to have. Like my mail minded me using the Swiss Army Knife JC gave me. Or other rigid objects with edges, up to and including a car key. 

Now, try to imagine how torn I was between asking for something ornate and beautiful, and something more functional but less memorable. "The Egret" is mine for sentimental reasons; for its esthetic qualities, and value. I fell in love with Charleston before I ever set foot there back in the 90s. If I had one vacation left in me, I would spend it there. 

I apologize for the poor images, but my neck says it's tired. It's worked like a mule lately. Besides, I think Mr. Simmons deserves this nod. All that iron work he did. His forge was something else. His studio was simple, uncluttered  . . . 

An amazing work place, huh? I imagine I hear the sound his hammer makes against the iron and anvil. Did I ever tell you how I wanted to be a printer? Yeah, I wanted to own an old letterpress. *sigh* Sure wish I could draw or paint this wonderful place. The light is delicious. If I were Mr. Simmons, I'd have wanted an anvil for a tombstone.

Katy has so many egrets. Maybe that's another reason I wanted one of Mr. Simmons' pieces. In all honesty? The craftsmanship isn't great. Not Mr. Simmons' work! No. I mean . . . The letter opener looks like two inexpensive pieces of metal were soldered together and offered up as . . . You don't notice the workmanship unless you look with a slightly experienced eye. No matter. It's good enough. And I'm mostly happy with my purchase. Wish they had it in silver. Hope you'll buy one. Celebrate craftsmanship and Black History Month with style, and pay tribute to a man whose favorite quote is said to be:

"If you want your prayers answered, get up off your knees and hustle."
Happy Black History Month.

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