Monday, February 6, 2012


Wouch! I did it. I broke down. It's a big relief now that it's over. And it's for a worthy cause. What's it all about? No, it's not about Alfie. He has nothing to do with it. An Aussie does, however. 

This came to me via Postcrossing during the holidays. I stuck the day's mail inside a book, and I forgot. It was rediscovered today while my glasses were in use. Will you just look at all the lovely stamps?!! I lived in Colorado in 1984. There's more, but for now, "Thank you, Sharon B." Return "Goodness" is in the mail. I immediately thought of you, Misty.

I was so touched that I broke the cellophane wrapper just for you, Sharon. See the little Par Avien/Air Mail rub-on? Well, it's part of my champagne collection. My reserve ephemera. My new Goodness vendor. It's so nice. You can hardly tell it's not printed on.

This is it. Double WOUCH! The gaping hole marks the spot. Now that I've done it once,  it will be easier to cut next time. Yes, there's already a next time in the making. 

There's this. Oh, is there ever t-h-i-s. No idea . . . Yes. I have an idea. It came to me just now. I'll tell you what I'm going to use there gem for. What would you do with them? I see 5 or 6 special gifts. Yes, I do. Hmm. But aren't they the cutest? And guess what. Yes! They are MADE IN THE USA. 

Lynda? This one's for you. The sweet silhouette in the double hearts reminded me to look for this. I remember when we made our own in grade school art class. I was so proud of mine. Thanks for the memory. Yours is absolutely lovely. 

Dear Kimi, can you tell how excited I was to get your lovely mail? I read it in the parking lot. Thank you. Such pretty-pretty stationery. A reply will head your way this week. I'm almost out of the hole. Oh, happy me!

This is from Aaron Bros. They were free. I asked, and received permission to take as many as I wanted. So, I took two. They were stacked on a little bitty table for their little bitty customers, along with crayons. There were tiny little chairs to sit in, but my butt's too big. I brought mine home instead. One's for me, and one's for YKW.

Made this envie for an amazing group of artists. There's a letter inside. I'd show you the front, but then it would't be a surprise. I like to thank people, let them know how much I like their stuff/don't like . . . You know. I like to write consumer letters. Te-he.

I'm busy making pretty-pretty Valentines for y'all. Aaron Bros. has the best stuff! Great paper, great sales, great employees . . .

Hmm. I've been making neat postcards. I'm hung up. Get it? Hung up? You get it, right? Right? Okay then.



  1. Whut a wonderful Postcrossing mail you have received!!
    And hung up Limner looks great! :)

  2. Can't wait to see what happens to the Limner Hang-up! What's Aaron Bro.? We don't have them. Can you get the cute rub-on thingies online? I'm gonna go look... Later!

  3. LOL StoneZebra. Hang-up is coming along in stages.

    Aaron Bros. is . . . They're online. :)

    You should be able to get the October Afternoon line online. Their products are superior, IMHO.

    Hope you'll find something to your liking. :)

  4. We have lots of Aaron Brothers around here. and NOW I see the rubber parts you were talking about. YES the scrapbook store I go to has those. I will need to pick some up when I have some pocket change.