Friday, February 3, 2012

What Would You Do

. . . if you had this?

All this?

And these?

Do you Amy Tangerine, too?

Um, if you don't, maybe you should?
It's fun!

Questions, questions! I've got questions.

1. Do you sneak and watch "Shameless?"
2. "Spartacus?"
3. Do you shop at Archiver's?
4. If you shop at Archiver's, have you made the lovely flower card?
5. If you made the lovely flower card, who's it for?
6. Do you doodle? 
7. Do you like paper bags?
8. Would you Amy Tangerine a pen friend?
9. Would you like to be Amy Tangerined?
10. Why?

Pssttt! Wonder why I've got questions? Why I've posted three times today? LOL! Oh, silly you! (((YOU)))


  1. Oooh that blog form Amy looks great :) thanks for sharing sweetie ♥

  2. She's great. I love her products. My pleasure.

    Where have you been? I miss your blogs.

  3. I love those plastic layout things she used. We don't have those here, only the big ones and A4 ones (that do have smaller sized ones in them) but not nicely combined like that

    Yes I must blog one of these days ;)
    Keep forgetting to make pictures (& take camera when I go outside)
    Been busy with work and also done some stitching & knitting so I have something to post about ;)