Sunday, February 12, 2012

View A Little Mail With Me

Oh, Peace, be still!
Misty, it's still on my desk. Your first letter to me carried the blessing of Peace. It is one thing I have craved most of my life. I love Peace and quiet. I like the Peace sign. Wish the shine could come through on your lovely card. The bits about Carter only make it more dear. I hold on to hope that I will get to see the Lego set assembled. Thanks.

Seems like every day that I go out, I come across something zebra related. I like Zebra Mail. StoneZebra's sig is a great calling card. Nat Geo recently did a story about zebra stripes. Last night I saved an article for you SZ. Here's a snippet:

"Zebra stripes may deter bloodsucking insects, perhaps helping explain why zebras evolved their stripes, researchers say. Zebras are best known for their dramatic stripes, but why they evolved remains uncertain. One popular notion is that stripes make it difficult . . ."

Animal prints are the new black?

Very creative. Why didn't I think of this? LOL. 'Cause the idea belonged to you, Misty. Thank you. Your talent inspires me to no end. It's amazing how I draw more since you came into my life. Our styles are different, but all artists are linked. It's nice being peers twice over. Mail and art. Draw on, girl, Draw on.

Wow. I saw this and my knees trembled. I recognized it right away. Why? Good question, why. Read on . . .

Elle, you are fierce, girl! I love your bees. I've never drawn one. Another peer. Um, but plan to. Soon. That's a sweet bee. Those wings are the bee's knees. You know what I'm talking' 'bout. Thank you!

Yay! Thank you some more. I used to draw comics for our school paper. I wanted to draw super hero comics when I grew up. I tell you, I had more dreams for growing up than Carter had liver pills. My last such publication was um . . . Wolverine. I still like comic books.  Erin gave me early Blade comics after I fell in love with the Day Walker. Oh, Elle, now I . . . EEEK! There's a site for Clan Apis! Weak knees! Weak knees! Hug yourself for me. I googled the title. Saving for later.

More Mail To Follow

"Watchmen" is on. *grin*


I like this stamp. So much, I like this stamp. How 'bout you? Stars and stripes, indeed. Wish I could design a stamp. If you could, what would your design include?

Talk of pens always enters conversations between letter-writers. So, are you a fan of "bionic" by STABILO? Or any of their pens? If you are, I'm interested in your opinion.

Let us talk SALES on the 'morrow?
More mail, too.
And, you might want to check this out. I'll tell you more tomorrow, if I remember:

P.S. Have you signed the senator's online petition to save the post offices? Have you asked to see photos of the ones chosen to be closed? Should they be closed? Will saving every post office be a waste of money? 


  1. you've inspired me to do an envelope with a zebra - so hot.

    why does every other country have cooler stamps than canada? it's like, ya, we have beavers and flowers and hockey - now put something different on out stamps!

  2. *Good for you patience. Glad I can inspire someone.

    Why not start a letter-writing campaign for different stamps? You'd go down in history as a mover, shaker, and a new-stamp-maker. Shake up your country's mail. :) Change starts with a single voice.

    Hope you'll let me see your finished zebra theme.

  3. Glad to see it arrived safely. Could you email me I can't find the email I have for you? (please use the new email I sent you, I closed the gmail acct)

    Will be starting on my zebra drawing lessons soon - who knew there were such handy step-by-step directions! Yea!!!