Saturday, February 18, 2012

This Saturday Evening's Post

Q. What is, What does letter-writing have in common with blog posts

A. They're both ways to communicate one-on-one. Both have mass appeal. It should be a question in "Jeopardy."

Okay. It's my opening line for this post. I almost chose to finish cleaning my room over posting, but I can always finish my room. Not blogging at all has become a daily possibility lately. It's fast becoming more attractive with each sunrise. So why did I begin a new one? 

While cleaning and sorting through files for another Saturday Evening Post, I chose these photographs as topics because they spoke up. Hope you can hear them, too.

My Charm Bracelet. It's home where it belongs. The craftsman chose where it should be placed, and I cannot find fault with their decision. It's between my heart and Peace. Limner is an obvious choice. The numbers explain themselves. The surprise is the stamp! An act of kindness. It is an act that represents the good people at James Avery Jewelers. Did you know jeweler's ORIGIN is Middle Englishfrom Old French juelier, from joel (see jewel.

I make a lovely tinkling noise every time I move now. Can't sneak up on  JC any more. You think that's part of why he bought it? He belled the limner? I didn't tinkle before. 

What does a knock-off Scooby have to do with mail? Well, I passed him on my way to the post office. I think he wanted someone to rescue him from an embarrassing situation. I passed. We a copy of the real deal locked away in Erin's room.

I have never met a letter I didn't like. A request to swap came with. I've never done a swap. What do I do?

I have a weakness for this postcard. I'll tell you more about it after I register it. Hearts win hands down.

See? I even bleed hearts. Ha! Guess you could say I have a bleeding heart? This is from a cut. Can you tell I have a new X-acto knife?

This postcard made me feel lighter. An asthma attack kept me confined to bed, but good mail and a sketch pad kept me company. Colored pencils were just one of my guests. Lovely, light, colorful butterflies! More on the origins at a later date as well.

I picked these up on my way out of the pharmacy several days ago ago. Of course I paid for them! Nothing helps asthma quite like the smell of a Sharpie pen. Makes a body try to get better faster just so they can be put to the test. Mail art!

Fanciful fonts! For Mail Art, natch.

Ready-to-use art comes in handy.

Eye candy for envies and ATC.

What can I say? I simply gaze.

There's something about postcards that gets to me.

I've grown these. No these. I've grown this variety. I've used the same stamps, too. I like burlap. I like the people who gave me both. Thank you.

Little things mean a lot. Whimsey is sweet. There's art in handwriting. She gives my name butterfly wings each time she writes it.

I found me a carpenter's pencil! Will give this drawing another try. It's a "portrait" of my Laplander cap. It'll be mail art some day soon. Finished or not.

I have bling for two of my girlfriends. 

One problem. Who gets which?  Moanday's Mail Bag will know by Tuesday. I used to play with my Mama's plastic beads when I was a girl. Thought they were pearls, until Daddy bought her the real deal. Bought Erin a pair for our dress-up play. We wore them for our tea parties. She loved hearing those things pop. Could explain why she likes bubble wrap so much now. Speaking of wrap? It's way past time to wrap this up.

Write on.


  1. Love the stamp with the old phone!

    I am re-mailing your stuff tomorrow by the way!

  2. I like those phones, too. Can't imagine them being easy to tuck the head piece twixt the ear and shoulder though. Maybe that's why sophisticated people used them in movies? :)

    I've had mail returned before for no obvious reasons. The senders are always kind enough to try again. Thank you.

  3. Does anyone else have their comments redirected?

  4. Thanks Shannah. :) For resending.

  5. Yes, am still being redirected.