Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thank You For This Day, My Daily Mail

Out Box

Mailed yesterday, from deep in the heart of Texas.

Sweet flower of February.
Mailed yesterday as well.

This trio is in the bag: 
Moanday's Mail Bag.

One of my own postcards. Oops. Meant to say
it's a postcard from the "Misty Collage."

To an ink lover. 

Here's the back. Looks like a face, the mouth is as surprised as the eyes. I imagine they're excited about knowing their destination,.

I like this! I took a stack of the hand-outs from Archiver's, never imagining the man with the umbrella and the bowler would be with me for page after page of magic. This screams POSTCARDS! And, "Thanks Tim Holtz." His products are on a par with 7gypsies'.

Arf. So sad. Poor thing. Wonder what's wrong?

Dear Magda, 
Chin up. 
I promise it will get better.
I hope you can read.

We've had storms all week. If I'm wrong don't sue me, cause it sure seems like it. And yesterday was no exception. There was thunder and lightning, water pooling. It poured while I was in Archiver's, so I made a card, along with a group of other storm out-waiters. It was fun. It was free. The card is cute, don't you agree?

Xs & Os
Plus a lovely rose
Took 45 minutes to make.
Now I have to decide
who I made it for.



  1. That Ma'am, is a lovely flower. 45 minutes?? Would take me probably twice that.

    1. Derrick, thank you very much; it took me longer than 45. :) The teacher almost did a melt-down in front of us, and it was all my fault. Well, some of it. She had a hair trigger. Everything upset her. I messed up punching out my first petals. I asked for a third leaf instead of the 2 she let us punch. I tried to explain about odd numbers in design and almost pushed her over the edge. LOL. Poor thing. Wonder if she'll be there next week? She was so upset she wouldn't give me the little centers, so I came home and used some beads.

      Bet you'd be better at it. I am not good with recipes or instructions. :) That poor poor woman.

      I like Archivers. *sigh*

  2. Hi from Finland!
    I just found your blog via Derrick's blog. What a lovely blog you have! I'm happy to start to follow this!

  3. Hey, from Katy, Sirpa, and thank you! Lovely name, Sirpa. Wonder if I pronounce it correctly? :) Is the A long or short?

    Thanks too, Drrick. She might not have discovered me without you. :)

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all the fans!

  4. Hi! A is short in Sirpa. - Even with this instruction it might be hard for you to pronounce, but thank you for trying! :)

    1. Thanks. LOL. May I at least try? I guess it is pronounced "Seerpah."

    2. Quite good! The i is short also, but I don't know how else to correct, so pretty good! :D

    3. LOL! Thank you. Wiah I could hear it. Oh, well. Matbe I will meet a friend here who has the same name. :)