Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sharing My Penchant For Pretty Postcards

The Winner's Card
Angela named Post Mark
Nice, on both counts.

Nice coloring.
Derrick's Kaylee's entry: Mr. McFeely

The bird has style, flair and attitude.
Knows how to work the flyway.
From Kimi's holiday.

StoneZebra's entry: Valentino 
Ever wonder
about the b&w ratio? 

Stuffellaneous's entry: Cliff Clavin

"Life's not a paragraph
And death 
I think
Is no parenthesis."
ee cummings

LR McArthur's entry:
Treadway Barclay.

Remember the day the container vessel Mondriann lost all those containers? This postcard from the Netherlands came as a jolt from the past. Thanks J de Vries. Fresh history has great appeal.

Choo-choo! I heart trains. 
From Mumbai.
Thank you, Rishabh.

I'll post more cards. They deserve to be showcased. Angela, I'll mail your winner's bounty tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm positive you'll find something to like and use right away.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday/Monday.

P.S. Ahem . . . For Rusty


  1. Oh Limner, wherever did you find *that*!! Wow, what bunch of great postcards. (the others, not mine)

    1. StoneZebra! LOL. Didn't I tell you I see you every where I go? The foot stool is in Target. I agree, the cards are so lovely and 10 X better before they're scanned. More coming later. And, ahem, I think the zebra card is just as lovely. :)