Monday, February 20, 2012

P.E.P. in Albert Square

Pauline, Elizabeth, Peggy

Whoee! Didn't know the Betty hung out with the grand dames of Albert Square. This postcard bears a 28 cents stamp. Aha, no pun intended but it's the one with the polar bear. I do like the Walford Gazette's postcards. And I wonder what the queen would look like if she had Peggy's hair do, cut out some of the bag in her outfit, and get her some sexy Peggy boots. For a hot minute I thought she had on a see-through skirt, the way those shadows tricked me. She used to be a lovely woman. Then she turned all stodgy and monochromatic. 

Where's her pocketbook? I think she packs a pistol in it, in case her consort acts up and tries to pinch her bum in public. I do like this pc. How 'bout you? You like her hat? Do you wonder if she wears gloves to cover her Ravish Me Red nail polish? Bet she does her toes, too, huh? 


  1. Stodgy! I happen like the queens monochromaticness. Yes, I just made up that word. It's not hard to imagine a pistol in the handbag; she's made of some pretty stern stuff. Maybe the purse is green and we just can't see it in the picture. I don't think I've ever seen her without it. No,'s black to match her shoes and gloves. I can just make out of sliver of it behind the lady in red.

  2. LOL. You're right, it's there. Ever present. Monochromatic is too safe, IMHO. Am willing to bet she's boring, too. :) Her consort knows how to shake it up. She loved him so much when she was young. Bet she still does. I can imagine him goosing her. Bet she laughs out loud for him. LOL! Thanks for cranking up my imagination.

  3. LOL! It is in my world. I have a similar colored bag from Levenger's, a lime green wallet, a new lime green silk coin purse that sports a matching green fabric flower . . . um . . . there's a doll on my desk and her dress is lime green, the reads are a lovely lime . . . Maybe the queen is an artist, too? ;)

    Wow. You're awake, too.

  4. Funny! Love this post.And we know no money is in the Queen's bag...right?

  5. Hahaha! Not a quid! I wonder if she has a counting house?

    No disrespect to the queen here. We're merely larking about. :)