Friday, February 3, 2012

Mama's Got a Brand New Black History Bag

Today marks the second day of Black History Month, so why haven't I paid homage? Since I don't know, I offer this post to make up for my oversight. Some complain that it's the shortest month in the year. I say, it's also the month of Love. It seems fitting somehow.

Did you know there's a Smithsonian Channel? You did? Well why didn't someone tell me? My bigger-than-visiting-the-Grand-Canyon dream is to visit the Smithsonian. I want to visit the Mail Museum, too. But . . . Tonight Smithsonian Channel aired a piece about African American fashion and designers. Did you know an African American seamstress designed and made Mrs. Kennedy's wedding dress? Well, I did! Aha! Quoting tonight's narrator: "It's the most photographed dress in the world." Or maybe she said in America. 

Did you also know . . . This Mama's Got a Brand New Black History bag? Ha, ha, ha! Now you do. Had I known you might want one, I'd have gotten two. It's "The Guardian©" by artist April Harrison. I am quite taken with her style, her use of color, and what's not to like about the price? The one drawback? I haven't found matching notecards. I shall write to Ms Harrison to inquire if such cards exist.

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I think I'll buy a spare since I plan to use this as my bag for the entire month. I still have last year's tote. 


"Olivia" without make-up. Quite lovely.

"Olivia" in full make-up. Quite stunning. I printed a single copy, and I admit it is beautiful. Postcard! See? Doodling does a body good.

"Symptoms of a Life" is so pretty. I printed 4 postcards. Two went out today. 

My first BHM gift. Thanks, Derrick. It's awesome. The rodeo will be coming through our area soon. We hear a lot about Bill Pickett then. I enjoy seeing the trail riders in their gear, the horses, the covered wagons . . . I will keep this card in my treasury. Am much obliged.

Herstory counts as much as History. This blog is a small part of mine. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I love the "Olivia"! Just wondering, why that name?

  2. Another Olivia! Who knew there could be two in a Limner's sphere? Why the name? Olivia2, I have a dear, sincere, wonderful friend who is, steadfast, lovely and true, and shares the name with you.

  3. Limner- Your bag is awesome!! Doesn't Derrick send the neatest gifts?

    1. Misty, am happy to hear you like it. I love art, artists, creativity . . . And yes, indeed he does. Good gifts come from people with big hearts and good taste. :) Haven't received anything less since arriving on the scene.

    2. P.S. Hope he gets as good as he gives. I try to reciprocate. You and he run neck and neck with the giving. :D

      Is storming here. All day.

  4. Oh, Limner, I love the bag! It's beautiful. I can well understand why you are smitten with it. The style and colors a fabulous!
    I love the name Post Mark for your bear. I think you picked the correct name.
    I received your letter today. I sent one out to you just recently so you should be getting it soon if you haven't gotten it already. I'm working on another to you now in reply to this latest. Thanks so much!

    1. Motherkitty! How could I have missed your post? Please accept my sincere apology. The oversight was not intentional.

      Thank you for being such a lady. I'm please to hear you like the bag too. I still have it!

      Post Mark is a lovely name! Thank you. He still has place of pride in my closet. PM has waited for Misty all this time, but I will have to give him a new life on my own it seems. Everyone who sees him loves him. He deserves a bit of publicity, and he shall have it.

      I hope you are well.


  5. LOL. Derrick you are too modest, but we simply tell the truth.